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Park Hill was Sheffield City Council’s first redevelopment scheme after the War.  Work began on the site in April 1957, and it was formally opened by Hugh Gaitskell on 16th June, 1961.  The film shows the Park Hill Flats in Sheffield shortly after the completion of their construction as well as the first stage in the development of Hyde Park Flats.  

The film begins with views of Park Hill Flats and the landscaped hillside, taken from across the SheafValley. These are followed by a smoke-blackened Midland Railway Station with the flats on the hill behind. 

There are views of the flats from many different angles and also details such as steps and ramps, walkways, balconies and the access decks. South Street and Duke Street appear in some of the views. The flats often appear to be deserted but there are a few residents, and some of the local children can be seen playing. Some are playing cricket against a wall. 

Other children are playing on a climbing frame in one of the playgrounds. On one of the access decks, some of the residents are seen at the doors to their flats. Outside the Scottish Queen public house, a barrel is being lowered into the cellar and there is also a view of the Parkway public house. There are more general and detailed views of the flats.  

A view up Duke Street leads to The Pavement where the local shopping centre was located. The shops shown include the interior of the Sheffield & Ecclesall Co-operative Society where shoppers can be seen at the checkout, the interior of a café/bakers and other shop fronts. There are more people around the shops, including groups of teenagers.  

The film then moves to the Hyde Park development and a view along Hyde Park Terrace from the Salvation Army building on the corner of Bernard Street and Duke Street. There are various views of the housing on Hyde Park Terrace and Hyde Park Walk. 


Park Hill was Sheffield City Council’s first redevelopment scheme after the war. The design was based on the deck-access principle – ‘streets in the sky’ – and took advantage of the sloping site to maintain a constant roof level while the building changed from four storeys to thirteen at the lower end. Work began on the site in April 1957 and the first dwellings were handed over on 4 November 1959. The project was completed by the end of 1960 and it was formally opened by Hugh Gaitskell on 16 June 1961. 

Hyde Park was the second phase in the redevelopment of the Park Hill area and occupied the higher site to the east of Bernard Street. Stage one of the development consisted of the two terraces of flats and maisonettes parallel to Bernard Street shown in this film. They were completed in January 1962. The whole scheme was officially opened by The Queen Mother in June 1966.  

Provenance:   Sheffield City Council's Department of Design and Building Services, 17 March 1988.