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YFA 3314



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Work began on the Park Hill Project in April 1957, and the first dwellings were handed over on 4th November 1959. The project was completed by the end of 1960 and it was formally opened by Hugh Gaitskell on 16 June 1961, housing over 3,500 people. The following film contains footage of the slum areas which were to be cleared as part of the Park Hill Development Scheme.

The film opens with shots of the city skyline. Busses can be seen passing in the foreground, and there are many smoking chimneys, both factory and residential. Following this is footage of the slum area. There are children who are playing on a dirt hill, and part of the housing has already been knocked down. Elsewhere, other children play, and there are many clothing lines which have been strung up, and on them, still have laundry drying. Some of the neighbourhood children play football in the narrow street, and many of their parents look on from the doorways of their houses.

Sign - Exhibition Park Hill Flats.

A man in an overcoat walks into the exhibition building, and the clock tower reads 5:50. Following this is more footage of the slum area which is to be cleared. Much of the area appears quite dilapidated, but the residents are still out and visible in much of the film. There is some writing painted on one of the walls: Welcome Home Arch.

The last scene takes place inside the exhibition explaining the development plans for Park Hill. Many people are looking at the different displays and model of the proposed design. One of the architects is standing next to part of the exhibition, explaining the plans. A mother and her little boy take a closer look at part of the display, and there is a close up of a board explaining the Park Hill Development Scheme which states that this is the first post-war redevelopment scheme. The film closes with shots of the model flats.