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YFA 3148



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This film features scenes from the Carleton Gala in September, 1971. It was an annual event in Carleton-in-Craven and documented by Rev. Underwood.

Title - A Carlton Production
The Year's Round Part 2 - Gala 1971 - 5 aside heats

There is a group of young men playing a game of football.

Title - Preparations

Men from the parish begin to set up a large tent in the church yard. Nearby, there is a sing posted to a tree - Carleton Gala September 4. Back in the church yard, there are a few who kick around a football while the others are setting up stands and testing the games for the Gala.

Title - Procession Begins

Those awaiting the procession are gathered in the street. People of all ages are in costume, there are a few marching bands, and finally the float for the Gala Queen. The procession begins, marching through the town streets lined with spectators towards the church yard.

Title - The Gala Queen is Crowned

The Gala Queen from last year climbs onto the float to crown the new Gala Queen.

Title - Fancy Dress Winners

Younger children of the parish, dressed in a variety of costume types, walk up to the Queen to receive their prizes. Other day's events include a gymnastic performance, children playing on swings and a slide, game stands, a band performance, long sawing competition, and a football match.