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YFA 3147



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Filmed by Rev. Underwood, this film features events in the North Yorkshire village of Carleton-in-Craven. The film includes the school nativity play, events at the church, and a school sports day.

Title - Carleton Productions Presents
The Year's Round
School Xmas Play
Scene At Baronial Hall

The film opens with the decorated stage for the Christmas play. The school children, dressed in medieval type costumes, walk onto the stage and gather round for a Christmas feast.

The choir processes past singing. Two children pull a sleigh full of presents. There is a fight scene re-enacting the story of St. George, and Santa also makes an appearance on stage. The choir then sings again, and the lady accompanist playing the piano can be seen. The play closes with the Holy family and the nativity portion of the Christmas play.

Title - Church Clocks - need winding

There is a man hand winding a church clock who then proceeds down a spiral staircase.

Outside the church, there is a group of people gathered for a plaque dedication to William Frederick Victor Mordant Milner 8th Baronet of Nun Appleton Hall 1893-1960.

Title - Spring Means Spring Cleaning

Members of the church are cleaning the inside of the building.

Title - Summer Comes to Carleton

Following this title there are many scenes of the countryside, greenery, and the open space area around the church. Then, in the recreational room of the church, there is a crowd of people seated at many tables eating and laughing.

Title - Sunday School Sports

Children take part in a number of races, and at one point, a small girl falls just before reaching the finish line.

Title - Feast Day Dance

There is a competition for a Queen as young girls walk around the room in order to be judged. Later, many adults as well as children are dancing.

Title - Day School Sports

Many take part in the races while spectators line the track set up in the church yard to watch.