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YFA 4470



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Made by members of the Harrogate Cine Club, this film shows a parade through Harrogate. The film includes footage of many of the floats which took part in the parade.

The film begins as the camera looks up a garden path over a white gate, lined with red flowers. There are various shots of this garden and flowers, and then rows of different coloured tulips in a field.

There is a board mounted on the back of a lorry covered in red and yellow flowers that form a picture of a tea pot pouring tea into a cup, with the letters "YFC" above.

The camera then films parade floats (parked in a field) from a distance. The three in the foreground are for the "Spalding Judo Club", the "Tomato and Cucumber Board" and the "Civil Defence Corps".

There is then footage of the actual parade, taken from behind a crowd of people on the pavement. Two women sit on top of the first float. There is a blonde woman on the left wearing a blue dress, and a brunette woman on the right wearing a white dress. They both wave to their audience.

They are followed by another float which has on it a man playing the accordion and some other waving people. There is a float with the sign "Guinness my Goodness" on the front, which has a man dressed as a monkey on top. As the camera films the monkey, the street's terrace houses are visible from behind. Two men are standing on the small roofs over their living room windows. One films the event. People also watch from within their homes.

A float passes with the sign: "Hear them on Columbia 450 94 665 - Everyone's Favourites". A street sign can be seen behind that says "King's Road", with further text underneath that is difficult to work out.

There are more floats, and then a procession of marching bands from different military regiments.

Then the camera returns to the tulip fields. Then there is a shot of a roundabout, the middle of which is covered in flowers. There are more shots of flowers about Harrogate.