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This film is made by pupils at Newman School, which is a special school for students with physical disabilities and medical conditions, based in Rotherham. This is a humorous parody of an X-Factor audition, as the filmmakers replace a contestant with a Newman school student, who plays the Beast from ‘Beauty and the Beast.’

Title – The following film was a video scene from a pantomime at Newman school called “Beauty and the Beats” (sic) performed in December 2009.

The film opens with the title sequence from BBC’s Look North.

Title – Christa Ackroyd reports.

A female presenter gives a piece to camera: "I’m outside the X-Factor studio, where mystery surrounds the sudden reappearance of Prince Percy. He’s had an interesting past, and today, as he walked into the studio, he apparently said he wants to turn over a new leaf."

There are then snippets taken from the ITV1 show, ‘X-Factor’, with Simon Cowell racking up the tension with giving tension inducing sound bites.

The action then returns to the presenter, who says that “Prince Percy has had a sudden change of appearance, as he is now fat and bloated’. The X-Factor title’s roll and Louis Walsh, resident talent judge, asks a contestant what his name is. The film then cuts to Newman student has dressed up like a beast, who says, "I guess you could call me the artist formally known as Prince…Prince Percy that is". Simon Cowell then asks, ‘What are you going to sing?’, and Prince Percy answers: "The winners song". The beast then sings the Winners song, which was a comedic spoof single by Peter Kay.

After finishing his rendition, the judges lavish him with praise. The beast then gets a phone call from Princess Bell, played by another Newman school student. She says that she has been kidnapped by the evil villain Gaston, and that the beast must come and save her. The film concludes with the beast vowing to take revenge.