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An entertaining and informative ICI Film Unit cine magazine edition from the Panorama series, released in 1956, recommended both to general audiences and scientific film societies, with features on some of the uses of mid-century plastic, the ICI salt works at Droitwich Spa and a haute couture fashion show in London featuring clothes made with ICI synthetic fibre Terylene (used to make the fabric Crimplene).

The first feature 'More About 'Alkathene'  shows some of the uses of the mid-century plastic, 'Alkathene', formerly known as 'Alketh'.  Footage includes the production line for TetraPak milk cartons, and the manufacture of ball point (Biro) pens.

The feature 'Terylene on Parade' documents a fashion show at Hutchinson House, London, attended by ICI Chairman Alexander Fleck and other VIPs, where London's top models parade in fashionable clothes that use ICI's synthetic fibre, made by top designers such as Hardy Amies and Givenchy of Paris. An exhibition of Terylene garments is attended by many buyers. 

'Salt Story' looks at the production, old and new, of salt at ICI salt works in Stoke Prior, Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire, formerly owned by the English industrialist, philanthropist and Liberal Party politician John Corbett, and includes animation.

[ BUFVC: Panorama was intended to promote the activities of various ICI branches to the company’s workers, and in doing so, to bring the divisions together. Each issue lasted around 18 minutes and usually featured around four stories ranging from the manufacture of cardboard packets for washing soda to use of explosives in quarrying. The series was the internal side of the extensive ICI film production programme and was shown in after-hours mobile shows in works’ canteens, theatres and local halls for employees. It was also available on free loan to the public through the ICI Film Library. Twelve issues of Panorama were made between 1951 and 1956.]