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YFA 5357



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This is a film of school children having a fun time scrambling for pancakes in Swinton Bridge.

A woman in a white cook’s outfit and tossing a pancake in a frying pan emerges from a school.  She enters a field across the road from the school, still with the remains of snow on the ground, where the school children, without uniforms, have gathered.  She tosses the pancake high into the air, and a group of the boys scramble after it, piling on top of each other.  Some of them emerge with pieces of the pancake.  With the other children cheering on from the side-lines, there is another huge scramble for a pancake, with boys and girls joining in, jumping on each other in one great melee.  

Afterwards a male teacher weighs the pieces that some of the children have managed to collect and awards the winner, who has amassed the most pieces of pancake.  The winner, a girl, holds up her takings, and the other children cheer her on as she walks through the throng.