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NEFA 14601



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A series of home movie filmed by Ruth Jacobson between 1941 and 1944. The film documents her children Valarie, Pamela and Malcolm at home in Newcastle, visiting Stanhope in County Durham as well as on holiday with friends at Colwyn Bay, Wales.

Title: Pam’s First Birthday, 1941

The film opens on children descend stairs at the Jacobson family home in Newcastle for a birthday party. A six-month-old child is fed in his high chair. Scenes of children eating at a birthday party follow.

Title: Leaside Garden & Rhos-on-Sea (Colwyn Bay, Wales)

A young girl rocks a baby in a pram. The girl plays in a driveway. A woman and two children are seated on a blanket on a stony beach at Rhos-on-Sea.The children play with bucket and spades on the beach.

Title: Valerie & Pam, Toni & Jane, Rhos -on-Sea (Colwyn Bay, Wales)

A family scene on the beach at Rhos-on-Sea with a woman seated on a beach. The woman reads to the children. A fourth child plays with a spade in the sand. Four girls aged between one and six are sitting on a blanket in a garden. The youngest child crawls towards camera.

Title: Family with the Freedmans, Rhos-on-Sea (Colwyn Bay, Wales)

Two men shake hands beside a car parked next to a seawall. A woman holds a baby in the front garden of a terraced house on the seafront. A young girl walks past camera. Her mother places sunglasses on a baby. A group of six people unload a car.

Title: Valerie & Pam at Stanhope, 1942

A woman helps a baby walk in a garden. Two girls are playing croquet in the garden. In the next shot they are playing by a small stream.

Title: Valerie, Pam & Malcolm, 1944

The baby Malcolm sits up in his pram. A young girl rides a tricycle. Two girls hug the baby in the pram.

Title: The Children at Home

A baby plays with a doll in his pram. Two girls wave at the camera and siton a blanket with the baby. The baby plays with a ball on the blanket.