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NEFA 21578



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A promotional film made for Palmers Hebburn Co. Ltd highlighting the various products and services offered by the company. The first part of the film shows their constructional engineering works at Hebburn and steel frames under construction for a building. The second part of the film documents the ship repair and construction yards at Jarrow including the construction of a new cargo ship, the ‘Afghanistan’.

Title: “Palmers Hebburn”

The film begins with aerial photographs of the shipyard at Jarrow with a number of ships in dry dock.

Exterior view of a modern office building with sign for ‘Palmers Hebburn Co. Ltd’.

The iron gates hold a sign for ‘Palmers Hebburn’. The right-hand gate swings open.

Title: Constructional Engineering

General view of men at work inside a drawing office. Men lay out the foundation of metal frames on a concrete floor inside the engineering works.

Outside in the yard, large sections of steel girder lay on the ground. A man in the foreground hammers indentures in one of the sections of girder while a large crane moves sections around the yard.  

Inside a large factory workshop men use acetylene torches to cut sections of steel girder. A large tank is under construction. A man uses a machine to bend a section of metal sheet into shape.

Outside a crane is built onto a long gantry that crosses the whole yard. All around are large sections of steel girder.

A lorry drives past and out of the yard carrying sections of metal girder. The livery along the side of the lorry reads ‘Steel Works Palmers Hebburn Co. Ltd’. A train passes carrying a large metal frame.

A steel frame has been constructed as part of a new building extension. Inside another building, bricks have been built up around the frame.

A crane moves a section of framing into position for another building as men help to maneuver sections into place.

The film cuts back to the fabrication shop and a man putting another sheet of metal through the bending machine. Standing nearby, two men use hammers to shape a piece of flat metal held by a third man. Two men move a ship's funnel and stand it next to a number of other funnels. General views of men working on sections of rounded metal with acetylene torches and a hammering machine.

Title: Galvanizing and Pickling

Inside another part of the factory, sections of sheet metal, frames and tubing are lowered into a vat of protective zinc. Men use poles to move the liquid around and to remove excess material. The galvanized metal products are wheeled outside to be placed beside other finished metal sections.

Title: Ship Repairs and Ship Surgery

General views of the Palmers Dry Dock repair yards at Jarrow. A number of boats are moored along a quayside, and in dry dock, including a Royal Naval vessel.

On board a ship, men work on the deck using a pneumatic riveter and acetylene torches.

Inside a woodwork shop, carpenters work to construct wooden items for a ship. By their workbenches are a number of round tables and chairs. In another section of the workshop, a man polishes a table while next to him other men polish cabinets and other tables for ship interiors.

General views of the ‘Plumbers Shop’, ‘Fitting Shop’ and ‘Electrical Ship’. A group of men pose for the camera outside the canteen.

A trolley of linked anchor chairs comes out of a furnace.

General view showing the exterior of a modern office building. Inside men work on drawing and plans.

A series of photographs follow showing an aircraft carrier, cargo ships and passenger liners.

Thick smoke comes from the funnels of both cargo ships and tugboats on the River Tyne. Along a quayside men pull on ropes to bring the ‘Brisbane Star’ alongside.

A photograph shows a ship partially under construction.

In an empty berth men work to position sections of metal frame along the keel of a new ship. There are views of the ship under construction with men working on both the decking and frame as sections of steel plate are lowered into position. A view of the stern identifies the vessel as the ‘Afghanistan’.

With the ship now complete, paddle tug boats move the ship away from the quayside. General views of the ship at sea and a man in naval uniform looking out to sea.

The film ends with workmen come down a gangplank of a ship and out of the yard through a set of iron gates.

Title: The End