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YFA 4501



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This film documents a protest by the Pakistani community in Bradford, demonstrating their outrage concerning the murder in Pakistan of Ali Bhutto by the now President Zia. The film chronicles the protest and the police operation that escorts the procession through the city centre. The protests are for the most part peaceful; however, there is once incident that involves a travel agent window being smashed.

The film opens with a policeman on horseback riding past the camera near a green in Bradford. Constables on foot then march into the green and head over to the protestors, who are beginning to gather. A man of Pakistani descent wearing a suit walks over to the protestors with a megaphone.

The Pakistani protestors are starting to gather and some of the crowd hold homemade plaques with pictures of people and messages written in Urdu. A lead protestor stands on a raised platform wearing a cap and addresses the crowd using a megaphone, before there are some close up shots of the protestors, many of whom wear traditional Pakistani garments. A close up of a sign held by a protestor reads 'Zia you bastard', and this is followed by shots of a policeman watching the crowd.

More shots show protestors from the South Asian community talking into megaphones before the crowd remove their shoes preparing for prayer. Policemen stand around talking, and more protestors begin to converge on the green as the talks continue. Policeman on mounted horse wait patiently while young children watch them. The prayer then starts, led by a man at the front who stands on a mat.

A large group of policemen then enter the green preparing for the protest to move off, and as the group head towards the exit a Pakistani flag can be seen above the crowd. The crowd become more agitated as a police officer on horseback blocks the exit to the green. A policemen steps aside to let a man and a child out, while the senior protestors (who wear red arm bands) try to keep the crowd under control. The crowd are then let out of the green, and they move off down the street with their many placards held in the air.

The crowd are led by two mounted policeman, and one horse rears up momentarily before the officer gets him under control. Chanting and waving excitedly, the procession of protester march across several streets surrounded by policeman as they head for Bradford city centre. More police join the protestors, and one particular shot shows the procession stretching the entire length of a street. There is then a close up of a window which has 'Consulate of Pakistan' stencilled on in green lettering. A line of policeman march the procession forward slowly and a protestor stands in front speaking into a megaphone. Next, more intimate shots capture the protesters; it's clear that all of which are exclusively Pakistani men with the exception of a few small children.

The next sequence opens with more shots of the protestors walking through the more commercial districts of Bradford city centre, and some members of the public stand around watching, while others swiftly move out of the way. A protestor then sits on another man's shoulders, making passionate hand gestures. More shots of the procession are captured as they steadily move through the streets, and this is followed by brief glimpse of two Caucasian males, who laugh as they join the protest.

A man continues to shout into a megaphone, before some trouble occurs as a protestor uses a wooden poll to smash a window of a travel agents called 'Malik's'. The police move in quickly to intercept the trouble and hurry the protestors along.

From an elevated position the filmmaker captures another shot of the protestor moving through the streets, and some shots from inside the crowd - showing their point of view. Another shot shows the damage to the travel agents window, while the procession moves past again.

The next shot captures a man sat in the back of a police van (possibly the man who smashed the window). Protestors then walk past a boarded up bank called 'United Bank Limited', and the next shot captures children waving from a window above. The protestors then move past a broken brick wall, before entering the green, where two men stand on a wall ushering the protestors in.

The filmmaker captures several shots of the rally starting up again, as a speaker addresses the crowd from a platform using a microphone. A close up of a sign reads 'Zia you pig!', before more people give speeches and there are shots of the crowd watching. The film closes with a shot of a mounted policeman watching the protest.