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NEFA 8489



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Work motion study of women and men working on packing production lines at ICI Billingham works, loading and stacking jute sacks. 

Labourers load jute sacks on a production line and stack packed sacks in a warehouse.

Title: Packing and Loading Sulphate at Billingham

A woman works a weighing machine to fill jute bags with chemical products. She wears a tweed jacket, a turban scarf, and an apron. A variety of angles, distances, and shot lengths document her labour.

The bags are sewn shut at the top by another woman working further down the production line and proceed along a conveyor belt.

In another area of the facility two men take it in turns to catch loaded sacks on their shoulders as they fall down a chute. One of the men wears a leather shoulder-guard. His breath is visible in the cold. The sacks are thrown onto piles.