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YFA 5993



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This is a film of the Scout Group of St Thomas Groves, Lord Mayor’s Own, York, out on a summer camp to Hambleton.

Title – Pack Holiday 1972

A sign on the side of a wall states, “The Watson Scout Centre,” in Hambleton.  Cubs line up for the raising of the Union Jack flag.  They then have a game of cricket before peeling spuds.  Then, in uniform, they board their blue minibus and drive off to the moors.  On arrival they walk to a suitable spot and again play cricket.  Back at the camp they sit at tables doing origami.

In the evening Cubs and Scouts sit around an open fire, singing songs and beating their chests, and then they are served hotdogs.  Next day breakfast of bacon is being cooked by a couple, while the Cubs and Scouts sit eating cornflakes.  They are next relaxing in a room, some reading newspapers.

The film switches to the Cubs standing in a queue outside a shop, the “White Horse Stores,” emerging with bottles of pop.  Then, not in uniform, they play on a rocking horse, have a game of football and have a game of trying to push each other off a wooden platform.  They pack their gear into a trailer and stand as they lower the Union Jack.

Title – The End