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This is a film of the Scout Group of St Thomas Groves, Lord Mayor’s Own, York, out on holiday at the Youth Hostel in Osmotherley, North Yorkshire.

The film begins showing the Scout pack emblem on a door.

Title – Pack Holiday 1967

The Scouts board their green minibus which is parked across from a street of terraced houses near the parish Hall.  The camera follows the bus in a car on its journey.  They pass a road sign for Osmotherley where they get out at the hostel.  There is a view of the village.  Inside their dormitory they grab their towels and go across to a washroom. They next have a game of rounders, before peeling potatoes.  They go off again in the minibus for a walk in the countryside, having a game of cricket on the moors, and then each being given a toffee apple.  

The Scouts return back at the camp, indoors doing craftwork, and then sitting in a circle playing a game that involves getting up and down and making hand gestures, being teapots, to the song ‘I’m a little teapot’.  They have cocoa and biscuits before retiring to bed.  One Scout gets a goodnight kiss from the female leader, “mum.”

They have breakfast and raise the Union Jack flag, and say a prayer.  Afterwards they play a game with a ball while singing.  The Scouts are next seen in the village queuing to go into a sweet shop. Then they are back on the moors, messing about near a stream.  On arriving back at Osmotherley they each have a bottle of milk, do some writing and then their luggage onto the roof rack of the minibus.  They are then on the grass, on their hands and knees, apparently searching for something.  Finally they do the Grand Howl ceremony and lower the Union Jack flag.

Title – The End
[the film has a script for a soundtrack]