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YFA 4094



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Made by members of the Halifax Cine Club, this is a short fiction film about two boys who discover a box full of jewellery and help apprehend the villain by informing a policeman. The film is accompanies by a musical soundtrack.

Title - Over The Wall (with 'HM Prison' in the background)

Cast: The boys, Richard Murphy and Craig Atkinson; the policeman Harold Baker; the villain, special guest star Rodney Brook; Main title drawn by Richard C Murphy; Camera Ernest Hardy

A boy carrying a football leaves his house and calls on his friend. They walk down the street throwing the ball to each other and onto the head of a neighbour as they pass. They carry on kicking the ball to each other as they proceed. In a park, one of them throws the ball at his friend as he swings. They get told off by a policeman who tells them to go elsewhere. One of them kicks the ball into some waste ground and they go looking for it. Where they find the ball, in some bushes, they also find a tin box. This has money and valuables in it. They put it back and one of them goes to tell the police officer whilst the other stays behind to keep watch. A man comes to collect the tin. He examines the contents, but just as he is about to make off, he is apprehended by the policeman, and they all walk away.

The End