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YFA 2621



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The National Coal Board (NCB) Film Unit is one of Britain's most substantial and long-lasting industrial film units. The following is an informative film which demonstrates how to work over tub haulage, including how the system works and lashing on or off.

Title - Part 1 How The System Works

A narrator explains how the system works as the drive shafts pulls the tubs, while footage of a miniature scale example is used. Photos and illustrations are used to show real images of how it looks.

Title - end of Part 1
Title - Part 2 Lashing On & Off

Moving onto lashing on and lashing off, miners demonstrate how lashing should be done, by checking safety first and then going through step by step. Close ups off the methods of lashing are shown. It is first demonstrated by the senior miner, and then the younger miner follows suit.

Title - Remember the important points when lashing:-
1. Always examine equipment before using;
2. Keep off the track;
3. Make4 your lashing close to the tub;
4. Keep the lashing loose on the rope until you are ready for it to tighten.

The miners then demonstrate lashing off.

Title - Remember the important points in lashing off:-
1. Make sure the chain between tubs & lashing is slack;
2. Keep clear of the track;
3. Remove lashing carefully;
4. Coil chain neatly.

Title - Written, Directed & Edited by Max Anderson
Cameraman Larry Pizer
Asst. Director Douglas Kentish
Asst. Cameraman John Fletcher
Executive Producer Leon Clore

Title - The End A Basic Film