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YFA 693



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This is a collection of pieces of film from the Charles Chislett Collection, including out-takes from St Georges Crypt and Rachel when young.

. A. (Correct) Film begins with a llama and pelicans in a wildlife park with Rachel pushing her two young children (1-2) in a small pushchair, showing them the animals. Lions lounge on the grass and a polar bear playing with its cubs. Rachel's daughter rubs the head of a pony.

B. (Correct) Welding and then children running over a large pile of logs in Norway. The family jag (5995 WE) is parked along a country road near mountains. There is a sign for 'Col Des Aravis'. Grace stands by another road sign for 'Combloux looking through binoculars

C. (upside down and running backwards) Car being loaded onto a ship and at the end B&W commercial film

D. (Correct) A British United plane has its front open for loading. Then a beautiful garden with tulips, a church and a plaque in the grass for Louis Bleriot , flew first channel flight, near a harbour where a ferry arrives and the cars drive off.

E. (Upside down) assembly line with bottles. Then switchers to countryside on an overcast and blustery day.

F. (Correct) (1950) Begins as if the camera has fallen onto the ground, then we see a bus driving along a country road in the snow towards a village church. A man gets out of his car in the deep snow and looks through his binoculars. He follows animal tracks in the snow. Then another man, in tweeds with shotgun, appears. He meets up with the first man and together they set of again following the tracks. Some string has been strung between two trees. They continue following the trail. There is a break and then out-takes from St Georges Crypt. A jumble sale, scouts bring wood for people to take for the home fires, more children and lots of prams. (wrong way around, and much of it out of focus).

G. (upside down, going backwards) (Col. 1950?) hamster. Hunt, cathedral, winter. People riding bicycles. (B&W, 1930s?) aerodrome, aeroplanes. Break then steelworks, rolling steel. Then switches to Alice in Wonderland tea party. Then a break, followed by a girl's hat and hair and her with a bike, filmed in slow motion.

H. (correct?) Red hot steel passing through rolling mill and along conveyor belt.

I. (back to front, sound opt.) GKN diagrammatic demonstration of a Philips screw head.

J. (correct?) Red hot steel passing through rolling mill and along conveyor belt.

An extract from a Central Office of Information film - Title - 'Child and School' (1960) - a worldwide picture.
(correct, sound opt., B&W)
Infant children playing in a playground. Narration states that children start earlier in cities. Then shows senior children at school, in assembly, eating. Narration outlines basic principle of education in the UK. Boy near a stream collecting specimens in a jar. Ashwell Junior School. The headmaster narrates. Girls and boys play marbles on a grate. The headmaster lives in the headmaster's house next to the school.