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YFA 3412



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Made by Lucy Fairbank, this film documents her visits to tourist destinations in North Yorkshire including Aysgarth Falls and Brimham Rocks.  She is accompanied by friends on these excursions. 

Title – Out and about in Yorkshire
The film opens with some women walking across a field where cows are grazing.  They then cross over a river using stepping stones before making their way into a field with sheep.  Here, the women pick flowers off a small tree.

Title – A few happy memories in Alne, near York.  Aug. 1950.
Some men stack hay bales, and an elderly couple and some children, accompanied by a small horse and dog, wander around the farm.  They look on as whilst the wheat (or barley) is cut by a harvester.  The group visits a detached house called Holly Bank.  Apple trees have been planted on the property. 
In a village a Pullman bus pulls up, and there is a sign for the ‘Fox Goose.’  Some children ride by on bicycles, and Alne Church can be seen.  An elderly woman and a man with a dog chat outside the house.  After walking though a garden filled with flowers, a small girl poses for the camera with the dog.
A sign shows, ‘Malham, Yorkshire.’ 
A car drives down a country lane and stops outside a house near Malham Cove where there is a cyclist and walkers.  Two women walk across stepping stones to over a stream, and sheep are grazing nearby.  A woman pushes a pram over the bridge in Malham village. 
The group then drive off to Richmond where they sit on the river bank overlooking Richmond Castle and bridge.

Title – Outing to the Dales, with Carr Lane friends.
There is a street sign for the A6108 shows Reeth 10 ¼ Richmond 11 ¼, and a group of people board a coach (possibly Leyburn).

Title – Aysgarth Falls, Wenslydale.
A group of women and children are visiting the falls, and one of the women is holding a brown cine camera.  The whole group pose for the camera in front of the falls. 
At Fountains Abbey, the tour group unload their car and have a picnic while sitting on picnic chairs.  The group have a walk around Studley Royal Water gardens and have tea in the car park before looking around the Abbey.

Title – Brimham Rocks The Wonder of Nidderdale
The group walk around the Rocks, and some of the members have their camera with them. 

Title – With friends from Slaithwaite Centenary.
A sign shows ‘Nostell Priory Open Today at 2 pm.’
The group pose for the camera while standing outside the Priory and then again as they exit the Priory.  The film closes with a baby in a pram.
The End