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YFA 5432



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This is a documentary film made by Ken Leckenby of Leeds Mercury Movie Makers, providing a running commentary of the places and events as he goes “out and about” in Yorkshire, Bourton on the Water, West Burton in the Yorkshire Dales, the Wildfowl Trust at Slimbridge and the Leeds Canoe Club at Appletreewick.

Title – Out and About
A magnetic sound stripe film

KL speaks to the camera from his car, “come with us as we go out and about”, and drives off down the road.

Produced by Ken Leckenby

Intertitle – Bourton on the Water: Venice of the Cotswolds

People shown wandering along the river, walking over the low bridges, with children paddling in the river.  There is a sign for the Model Village, where visitors are.  A history of the making of the model is given and it is shown in detail.

Intertitle – International Country Dancing

It’s the annual visit to West Burton in the Yorkshire Dales of the Leeds branch of the Royal Scottish Dance Society.  Members of the society walk onto the village green dressed in Highland gear and playing the bagpipes.  They are followed by Swedish dancers in traditional costume.  There is a performance of Scottish country dancing followed by the Swedish dancers.

Intertitle – The Wildfowl Trust

Visitors are at the Wildfowl Trust at Slimbridge on the Severn Estuary, set up by Peter Scott, looking at the wide variety of geese, swans and ducks.  A woman, Mrs Leckenby, holds a portable tape machine to record the sounds of some of ducks for the film’s soundtrack.  Some of the 160+ species are shown close up, including the Chilean flamingos.

Intertitle – Canoe Slalom

Large numbers are camping next to the River Wharfe at Appletreewick.  The Leeds Canoe Club are holding their annual slalom.  The members take their canoes down to the river and ride the fast flowing river.  They make their way upstream. One young member is shown in close up. They then each set off on the slalom, with some spectators watching from the bank.  One of the competitors, Rick Shepperton, struggles as he turns around.  The film finishes with Ken Leckenby saying his goodbye, “Until next time we go out and about.”

Title – The End