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This is one of several films entitled 'Out and About' made by Ken Leckenby, a member of the Mercury Movie Makers cine club. The film documents events from 1978-1979 including the 21st Anniversary at Springfields Gardens, Spalding, the annual West Indian Carnival in Leeds, and a trip to Scarborough Zoo and Marineland.

Title - KL Films Present
Out and About

Title - Tulip Time - Springfields Gardens, Spalding 21st Anniversary - Welcome to Springfields

The film opens with scenic shots of the tulip fields and the show gardens. The bulbs grown here are a big part of the English bulb industry. A woman is walking through the gardens. There are also different floral floats including an elephant made of flowers. Straw is used for the shape of the design, and then it is covered with flowers, like that of the Miss Tulipland 1979 float. This portion of the film closes with a woman walking through the acres of tulip fields.

Title - West Indian Carnival

The West Indian Carnival is an annual event held in Leeds and includes many members of the West Indian community parading in fancy dress. Many participants can be seen getting ready for the event. It is a very colourful event, and spectators of different ages and ethnicities have started to gather. There are musicians playing steel drums, and the group is getting ready for the procession. The steel drummers begin their performance and start the procession. There is excitement in the air as some walk in the procession while others make their way on floats.

Title - Scarborough Zoo and Marineland

Children are laying on dinosaur structures including a T-Rex and Triceratops. At the north end of Scarborough is the zoo and marina. There is also a lady at the petting zoo where there are rams and other animals. Sea lions are in a pool and performing for a crowd. They go down slides and balance balls on their noses. There is a small audience gathered to watch the animals perform with their trainers. There is a trainer with a parrot who is able to put a ball in a basket, ride around on roller skates and a scooter. Flipper the dolphin is next to perform in a 75 gallon tank of heated water. He performs with his trainer doing flips. Finally, there are penguins and monkeys who are next to perform, and the film closes with a shot of the audience applauding.

Title - A KL Film Production
The End.