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NEFA 21540



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An amateur film made by Bob Wrightson filmed over a year showing the changing colours in nature around the region and Lake District.

Title: A Gold Arch Film

Title: Our World of Colour

The film begins with the winter sun low in the sky and waves crashing on the beach at Seaham.

A small stream passes through a snowy landscape. A dog runs and jumps through a snow covered field. A number of birds feed from a bird table. A man collects bottles of milk from beside a shed and takes them back to his car which is parked on a snowy lane. A number of horses are in a field. The man reaches over a fence and strokes one of them.
In spring a view of a fast flowing stream with snow melting on the banks. Views of bare trees in a wood. Crocuses grow in a field along with other small flowers. Buds appear on trees and bushes. Lambs and sheep run around a field while in another a field daffodils grow.

A chocolate Easter egg with a bow around it lies on the ground beside a daffodil. Three children play a game where they roll eggs down a hill. In a high bush is a nest containing three eggs. A young girl stands and looks in on the nest. Two other girls find another nest in the undergrowth that contains six eggs.

The film changes to show a chicken with four chicks walking around a field. In another field piglets run around beside corrugated iron sheds watched over by a number of sows. In a third field is a horse and foal.

On a farm a man pushes a calf out of a shed into a farmyard where he and other members of his family attempt to herd it along with two other calves’. Views of the various breeds of calfs and cows in a field.

Traffic travels along a country road as the wind blows the surrounding trees. Along The Broadway at Houghton le Spring a red United bus pulls up at a bus stop across the road from St Michaels and All Angels church. Views follow of the church as well as trees and bushes growing in the churchyard. More daffodils and other spring flowers grow on the grass.

In summer two brightly coloured trees with red leaves stand surrounded by greenery. Tulips grown in flowerbeds inside a park. Water spouts from a small rockery feature. On a park bench sit four young girls, one sitting in a push chair. A woman holds the hand of another young girl as they walk past a decorated flowerbed.
Beside a river the wind blows bushes and trees. The film changes to a view of a bank of earth on which grows yellow flowering gorse. A butterfly rests on a dandelion and daisies grow in the grass. Small white flowers grow in a bed surrounding a tree. The film cuts to show cattle and sheep in a field with bushes of white flowers.

In the gardens of a number of large houses are a number of flowering trees and bushes. In a meadow are a number of flowering plants and bushes. More colourful flowers grow in beds inside a walled garden.

Yellow flowers grow in the grass beside a country road with traffic moving past.

In a back garden of a house are three boys, one of whom has a Common Raven sitting on his shoulder while another holds another raven in his arms.    

In a playground children play on swings. One by one children come down a long slide. Another small group play on a roundabout while other children climb over a climbing frame. More views of children playing on a set of swings.
A brief view of a canoeist paddling along a river which cuts to children playing in the surf on a beach at Seaham. A little boy puts on a pair of trunks and plays with a man in the surf. Another man wearing a pair of flippers rushes into the sea.

The film cuts to the Lake District where a number of small sailing dinghies are on the water. Moored along the side of a lake is a steam boat with large crowds walking nearby. A puppy scratches himself. A family group including a number of women wearing saris stand beside a flowerbed. A number of people sit resting on a wall beside another decorated flowerbed.

In a field beside a large house a group of women and men in kilts perform a dance for crowd standing behind a nearby rope barrier. Crowds of people sit on the grass relaxing and eating.

Two young girls in grey nurse-type uniforms walks towards the camera, a woman walking behind them wears a nurse’s uniform. From the back of an ambulance the two girls carry away a baby. A family group get into a Mini car and drives away with the two girls waving at them.

A view from the base of High Force near Middleton-in-Teesdale. From the top visitors looks over the verge as the River Tees flows quickly over the edge.

In a field hay bales have been stacked in readiness for collection. In the background a tractor and trailer travel past collecting the bales. More flowers and wildlife blooming in autumn. On a country road a young girl on horseback trots past. A goat stands beside a fence and a number of geese wander beside a farm building. Poppies grow in the grass. Yellow and red roses grow in a garden, the petals drooping and fading. In another field long stemmed purple flowers grow and the wind blows the leaves in the trees.

Along a country road a boy walks past a house. The colours in the trees have turned yellow and leaves fall onto the road. Turning into a field a tractor pulls a trailer on which sit or stand a number of children. One of the boys waves at the camera while some of the others hold up plastic buckets.  In the field a machine attached to the back of a tractor turns over potatoes which are collected in the buckets by the children.

The film cuts to a suburban road with leaves covering the pavement. Along a riverbank trees are coloured green and yellow.

In a field a deer runs trying to find a way out. In another field near electrical pylons views of cattle grazing. A brief shot of a roundabout in a playground changes to show bare trees. The film ends with waves crashing on a beach and a man trying to outrun a wave.

End title: The End