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YFA 2265



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This film features different events which take place in Hull, highlighting the work of King's Hall Mission Chapel on Fountain Road, and featuring many of those involved in the Mission.

Title: 'Our Work and Workers: King's Hall Mission. Boy's Life Brigade'

The film opens with a group of men, some with medals on, pose for the camera before a parade is shown led by a boys' marching band.

Intertitle: 'The Men's Choir'

A group of men, some seated some standing, sing for the camera.

Intertitle: 'Mr. Musson.'

A very quick shot of Mr Musson, also singing, before another title.

Intertitle: 'Men's Choir and Friends on their Outing.'

A group of men, women and children line up posing for the camera.

Intertitle: 'Sons of temperance Church Parade.'

A procession is shown marching down a street led by a band and a large banner. This is followed by a large number of children, mainly girls carrying flowers. The procession makes its way into a hall.

Intertitle: 'Our Work and Workers: King's Hall Mission. "Guardians Day."'

A group of men stand talking in front of Kings Hall.

Intertitle: 'Evening Open-Air Service'

In a street, a man seems to be making a speech in front of a banner for the King's Hall Mission. He is surrounded by onlookers and with a crafts shop in the background. This is followed by another man making a speech. A brass band plays nearby.

Intertitle: 'Mr Turrett.'

A brief shot of a man looking at the camera.

Intertitle: 'Our Work and Workers: King's Hall Mission. Young Men's Section.' 'Football 1st Team. The Minister greets the players and kick off:

Football players line up in front of a goal and are greeted by the minister who joins in a kick about and then kicks off.

Intertitle: 'Institute:? Boys Football Team'

Some football action is shown from behind a goal, and then the players line up in front of the goal for the camera. As they walk off some are given pieces of apple or orange. Again, they pose in front of the goal with other onlookers, this time waving and cheering.

Intertitle: 'Local Series: Rev. T.S.Kirkham supported by the Rt Hon. T.R.Ferens:? presenting medals to the Brunswick Boys AFC Team 1923.

At the end of the match a man makes a speech surrounded by players and onlookers before presenting medals to the players.

Intertitle: 'A well know friend:? The Rt Hon. T.R.Ferens.'

He poses for the camera.

Intertitle: 'Our Climbing Club'

Men and women are shown cycling past the King's Hall.

Intertitle: 'Our cricketers'

A group of cricketers are out on a field practising.

The End