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NEFA 21960



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An amateur film recording a wedding taking place in Redcar on 7th February 1955 begins with the bride and her father posing for a photographer outside the church. Following the service, a small crowd watches the happy couple as they pose for official photographs along with their friends and family. At the reception views of the cake as well as the groom making a speech. The film end with the couple leaving the reception venue and arriving at their new home together.

The film opens on a bride and her father posing for a photographer next to a gate leading into the church. She holds a bouquet of pink and white flowers. Outside the church door, the wedding party wait to go inside.

Following the service, a crowd outside the church watch as the newly married couple come out and pose for the photographer hand in hand. Other members of the wedding party pose alongside the happy couple. Two small children approach the bride and give her wedding horseshoes. Confetti is thrown over them as they leave the church and get into a car. Crowds stand around chatting.

[Dark] A three tiered cake stands on a long table around which the wedding party sits. General views show other guests enjoying the reception. Drinks are served and the groom makes a speech.

Outside the reception venue the couple walk arm in arm and pose for the camera beside a car before getting in. Three women stand against a wall chatting, the film cuts to show the couple getting out of the car. They walk hand in hand towards a shop, a poster in the window advertises a ‘Valentine’s Day Ball and Dinner’ taking place at the Coatham Hotel in Redcar. The film ends with the groom placing a key in the lock and the bride smiling at the camera.