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YFA 5694



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This is part of a collection of films made by butcher and amateur filmmaker Henry Foster of Acomb.  The film shows the old cattle, or livestock, market located near where the York Barbican is today.  It also shows members of the York Butcher’s Association, the National Federation of Meat Trades Associations annual conference at Harrogate, and Remembrance Day in Harrogate.

Title – Our Trade
Title – Photographed by Henry Foster, Butcher

The film opens with a shot of cattle.  

Title – Stock arriving at York Market..

Sheep are put into pens in the market, and cattle and sheep arrive by lorry and horse and cart.  Some bulls arrive by lorry. There is a large area of pens with sheep, and lots of men in long coats milling around.  A flock of sheep are driven along a street, and a tram travelling in the opposite direction has to stop to let them pass.  Auctioneering takes place at the market where there are several named stands.  There are also pig pens, and some policemen observing.  Sheep and cattle are paraded outside the market.  More cattle arrive and there are some close-up shots of cattle that look to be outside the Merchants Hall.

Title – Members of the York Butcher’s Association

There are close up shots of many of the members, some of whom are named in intertitles: Mr Spence, Mr Brown, Mr Sowray. 

A sheep is loaded onto the sidecar of a motorcycle, and more sheep are being unloaded from a horse drawn cart, with the city walls on Paragon Street seen in the background.  Others seen are:  Mr Linfoot Snr. And Mr Linfoot Jnr., Mr Audin.  

More sheep arrive, and then more men are shown including:  Mr Foxton, Mr Wright (President), Mr Freer (Vice-President), Mr Linfoot (Hon. Sec.) and Mr Carr.

Title – The National Federation of Meat Trades Associations annual conference at Harrogate

The members gather in a street.  They are smartly dressed for the occasion.

Title – President J. Kieghley Esquire

He is shown.

Title – Walking to the Cenotaph

There is a procession of people, carrying a wreath at the front, walking along a street, possibly St James Street or Parliament Street, towards the cenotaph.

Title – Mr Knight laying the wreath

Mr. Knight lays a wreath at the memorial.  

Title – At St Luke’s Church

There is a procession to the church, and they enter.  The filmmaker stands on the step and looks out towards the street as the men and women process into the church.  

The film then returns the cattle market where there is more footage of sheep and pens.

Title – Alderman Wm. Wright

There is a hot of William Wright before scenes of sheep being herded through Micklegate Bar into the city centre.  A boy leans over the city wall, and the film returns to the market through Walmgate bar.  People around the market can be seen including a man in a wheelchair with three wheels.  

Title – The End