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YFA 5706



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This is one of a collection of films made by the Selby Cine Club. This film provides a wonderful overview of the town of Selby as it was in 1965 and is accompanied by an interesting historical commentary.  It shows pedestrians and traffic in the town centre, many of the shops, and includes the Toll Bridge, the Monday market, the Reverend John  Kent giving a tour of the Abbey, the shipyard, the BOCM Mill, and a Council meeting.

Title – Selby Cine Club Presents:  Our Town

Women are walking through some gardens close to the Abbey, while two schoolgirls sit on a park bench drawing the Abbey.  We move on to see men collecting the 9 pence toll on the Toll Bridge.  It is explained that the bridge, built in 1791, is the oldest timber bridge in Great Britain, and that some of the money collected goes towards paying the 15 men employed to maintain the bridge, who we see at work replacing some of the wooden support beams. 

The film moves to a busy town centre where a policeman is directing traffic and pedestrians, in front of the shop of Edward Charleston, licensed retailer.  Then on to Church Lane, where a female police officer is also directing traffic in front of the pillar on Gowthorpe, with Wetherall shop on the corner of Finkle Street.  Following this is footage of the stalls and shoppers milling around the Monday Market.  The commentary gives a detailed background on this, explaining that it is 800 years old.  People are stood outside Small’s Fisheries, eating fish and chips.  There is a children’s ride, and shoppers coming out of Woolworth.  Signs for public conveniences and several shops can be seen including a queue outside W h Whisker and Sons, fruiterers.  Then C Baborn, inside his saddlers shop, gives a demonstration of making a leather belt:  cutting and shaping it, making the holes and attaching the buckle with threads that he rubs with beeswax.  Back at the market we see stall holders selling their wares and an auction.

At the Abbey the Reverend John Kent is showing around a party of tourists, including showing them the views from the roof.  Then on to the Cochrane shipyard where ship builders are cutting, welding, and shaping with a hydraulic press, steel sheets.  A ship, the Ross Fame is launched and then towed to the jetties for fitting.  There is a brief return to show tolls being collected on the Toll Bridge before moving on to the BOCM Mill, where there is a display of many of their oil based products.  Wheat seeds are shown being sucked form a boat, and a lorry, belonging to H Comfey and Sons Ltd., is making a delivery.  At their Barlby testing farm, cattle are being tested with their cattle feed.  

Lastly, in the Council Offices on Park Street, we see a monthly council meeting in action in the Council Chambers.

Title – The End