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Part of the Yorkshire Media Consortium project, this film asks four young people about their experiences, hopes and problems of living through childcare.

The film opens with a man playing a guitar in an arpeggio style and a young woman in an Adidas tracksuit singing into a microphone.

Title - Our Say Hearsay

Title - Four Peoples (sic) Experience of Leaving Care

Title - Produced in association with Arts Council England

Four young people are sitting on a sofa and talking about their experiences of living in care.

Title - Joanne

After more shots of Kerry singing with the guitarist there is a shot of the Skellow Hall childcare unit that both Kerry and Joanne lived in for nine months. The pair run around a field and talk about the old days when they used to sneak out of the hall for a cigarette.

Title - The Day I Left Care

Joanne, wearing a tartan fleece and tracksuit bottoms, stops at a bus shelter and reads the timetable. Keian is then shown leaving the home of his foster parents and Kerry is seen knocking on the door to be let in. Once again, the four are shown on the settee talking about their freedom and independence.

Title - Finding A Place

Tracey talks to a counsellor about leaving care and is offered a place at a bed and breakfast. In a reconstruction of past events, Keian enters his bedroom to find that many of his things have been stolen. The film cuts back to Tracey, who is shown in the kitchen of the house that she moved into with the help of the Barnardo’s charity.

Title - Ode to the Social

Kerry, Keian and another person perform a rap about being on the dole. This is followed by shots of the Social Security building and the Job Centre, which Kerry discusses.

Title - The Hardest Thing…

The foursome talk about problems that they have encountered since leaving care. Following brief shots of terraced housing, Kerry mentions the help that she has been given by Barnardo’s and is shown dialling a number in a public telephone box.

Title - Our Say

The four youngsters talk about the way the system could be improved, and Kerry is shown with her two children with whom she lives in a council property.

Title - The producers would like to thank:
All staff, volunteers and students associated with the Barnardo’s Doncaster Leaving Care Project who assisted with the making of this video.
Co-Operative – Doncaster Region
The Prince’s Trust – Action

There is a brief shot of Kerry singing with the guitarist again.

Title - Our Say HearSay is part of the A4E Contemporary Video Collection
Produced by darts
As part of Yorkshire Media Consortium
Archived by the Yorkshire Film Archive

Original Music Written and Recorded by darts
Supported by the National Lottery through the Arts Council of England
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