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Amateur narrative home movie by James Dudfield Rose of a typical Sunday at home at 'Ruskin House' in Croft Terrace, Jarrow, with his parents (Jim Dudfield Rose Senior, a former pharmacist at 18 Ormonde Street, East Jarrow, and his wife Mary Ann nee Skelland), featuring Sunday lunch, gardening, listening to the radio and tea in the garden. In the evening the family, (including James Jnr and fiancée Elsie Adeline Richardson) get together, James Jnr editing film footage and Elsie hand painting the colorful title cards, whilst the parents settle in with knitting and the radio.

Title: Our Home

Title: Sunday

In an old fashioned living room with a grandfather clock, an elderly, grey-haired Jim Rose Senior tears a date from the wall calendar. The time is five to midday. He settles in an armchair with a slightly dirty antimacassar and picks up a copy of the Radio Times with Gracie Fields on the cover. He studies the radio schedule and marks up ‘In Your Garden’ with presenter C. H. Middleton, on at 2pm. He then settles down to read an old picture book with poetry verse. His wife comes in and gives him a nudge. Sunday dinner is served. [Jim Rose Senior was very deaf, which is why he listened to the radio loud with headphones on.]

At the dinner table, Mary Ann Rose carves the meat and portions it out. Her future daughter in law, Elsie, takes her place at the table. James Rose Senior tucks in to a big bowl of food, pouring himself a drink. As he was a vegetarian, his meal is different from the rest of the family. The grandfather clock shows the time as 2pm. He finishes off his food and suddenly pulls out his pocket watch, leaves the table and sits in his armchair pulling on headphones. He switches on the wooden wireless, listens and pulls out a little notebook, making notes from his programme. His wife pesters him again, shaking her tea towel at him. He brushes her away.  

At the table, his plate has food left on it. He continues to listen to his favourite radio programme. Close-up of the calendar: ‘May your garden be even better than the one next door!’

Title: Our Garden

James Rose Senior tends to his garden in the sunshine. Elsie heads out of the greenhouse and picks flowers. Her future mother in law is also pottering around in the garden along with James Junior and Elsie.  Mr Rose waters his potted plants and scatters some powder on his lawn.

Title: The Bishop of Llandaff

Various shots of dahlias and other flowers attracting bees follow. There’s a slight breeze in the garden. The sequence ends with a shot of cacti in the garden.

Title: 5 o’clock

Elsie arrives outside and sets up a sun canopy around the garden bench, and a table on which she places late afternoon tea for Mr and Mrs Rose.

Title: Evening

James Rose Senior is back in his armchair with headphones on, reading a newspaper. Elsie is painting elaborate intertitles for the film we are watching. Next to her at the table, James Junior is editing the cine film. His mother Mary Anne Rose is knitting. Portrait shot of Elsie, licking her paint brush, painting a floral motif on paper. Portrait shot of James Junior engrossed in his editing, cementing joins. Portrait shot of his mother wearing her glasses, knitting. Elsie shows James Senior her painting. He passes judgement.

Endtitle: The End JRD EAR