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YFA 5960



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This is family film showing the family on holiday in Whitby.  It includes footage of Whitby’s classic sites including the steps to the Abbey and harbour.  

Title – Our Holidays 1964

The film opens with a girl who writes “Whitby” in the sand.  She then goes off and looks through a seaside telescope, viewing a boat as it leaves the harbour.  The girl and her mother walk past a sign for “Fortunes White Kippers,” and from the shoreline, they watch some water-skiers before heading up the 99 steps.  The mother sleeps on the grass while the girl does some acrobatics.  There is footage taken from the cliff’s edge before the family ventures back down to the harbour and beach below.  There is a vintage car with a picture of Mick Jagger on it.  The girl, in her swimming costume, plays football on the beach.  A small crowd has gathered to watch another game in which men of two teams push a large orange ball on the beach.   

The family visit the statue of Captain Cook, play a game of crazy golf, and after which, the girl goes on a peddle go-kart.  A fishing boat is heading out to sea, while another has its catch unloaded.  
There are many fishing boats, including Dutch ones, moored in the harbour.  

The film ends with the young girl as she writes “The End” in the sand.