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YFA 5978



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This home movie documents a family holiday to Scarborough in 1965.  It includes footage of the coast, the Italian Gardens, Peasholme Park, and Oliver’s Mount.

Title - Our Holiday 1965

The film opens with a little girl who writes “Scarborough” in the sand.  There are a few advertising posters for events in Scarborough, including adverts for Max Jaffa and ‘The King and I.”  A woman comes out of her apartment, and there is a view over Scarborough South Bay.  One of the cliff lifts descends, people play with a bat and ball on the seafront.  They visit the war memorial on Oliver’s Mount, and there is a view across Scarborough.  The family also visits the grave of Anne Bronte before heading to the castle.  Some people are out water skiing, and the ‘Espaniola’ can be seen visiting an island.  The family then goes on a sea cruise along the coast.  Back on land they visit the “Headless Lady”, have a game of crazy golf, and visit the Italian Gardens.  Someone hoists up a Union Jack flag near the sea.  There is footage of the South Bay lido and the staged battle in Peasholme Park.  Scarborough is shown in the evening, lit up with neon lights, including the Bingo Hall. There is a fireworks display, and the film finishes with the girl writing “The End” in the sand.