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YFA 5964



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This home movie focuses on the filmmaker’s son Gareth during his first year.  The film includes footage of the baby playing with different family members as well as his christening.  

The film opens with the mother holding her little boy, Gareth, aged about one month old.  Dad takes over, and he plays with the baby while he sits in his bouncy chair.  He is then taken out in a pushchair to visit relatives, and a large family group gather in the garden to go to the christening.  Afterwards the baby is given a bath and put in a swing.  

Gareth takes his first steps, and following this, goes to visit others in the family car, a mini.  A little older, Gareth is in the garden where he is playing with a football.  He then plays badminton with a small girl, paddling a toy car and playing with tools from the garden shed.  

Gareth is next seated at a table where he heats and plays with a pop gun.  He holds up a record sleeve, “My Own Nursery Rhyme Record.”   The film finishes with Gareth, again in the garden, where he plays football with his dad.