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Home movie compilation by Middlesbrough based dentist and amateur filmmaker, Tom H. Brown, that mostly records his wife Kate and friends enjoying leisure activities in the North East countryside and coast. The compilation also includes Kate Brown in a sequence of acted scenes, a brief trick film and a record of the 1932 Mayor’s Sunday parade in Middlesbrough.

A brief scene of a motorcycle race precedes titles. [Note:Old film used as leader.]

Title: Our Gang

A cine cameraman has set up on a country lane to film a group of men and women from the Tees-Side Cine Club. A man leads the group, who link arms, past the cinematographer and down the lane.

Title: Hurrah - Sno-ow!

There is a shot of countryside deep in snow.

Title: The Snow Eight

Friends of Tom and Kate Brown have a snowball fight on a remote country lane. There are some blurred action shots and the sequence ends as the camera appears to fall over.

Title: Harold Gamsell - Geordie’s Expert Brother

Two men are throwing and catching snowballs and kicking the snow.

Title: Tramp, Tramp, Tramp. The boys (and girls) Are marching -

Two men and two women walk through snow-covered fields.

Title: - Making Whoopee (at St. Moritz)
Clowning around, the two women fall down. One woman hangs from a sign that reads, 'Dangerous Corner.'

Title: Hotel De Kilton Revisited

A group of the Browns’ friends stand at the windows of a derelict farm building in Kilton Woods, Cleveland. [Note: This location was used in the Tees-Side Cine Club film 'The Adventure of the Kiltoun Cup'.]

Title: Our Gang

Kate Brown and a group of friends sit, talk and joke around.

Title: ER.

Title: E. Riley

These scenes show two film portraits of a woman, speaking to camera, and holding a white cat.

Title: The Auto Plane with Le Rhone Engine

A general view of a small biplane on a grass aerodrome.

Title: Albert and His Pilot Chatting

Three men stand in front of the propeller of the biplane.

Title: Our Gang At Redcar

A film portrait of the Browns’ friends that pans first along the line of men, and then the women, including Kate Brown. They stand on Redcar beach with the sea visible in the background. The friends walk on Redcar beach and one of the men leaps across puddles.

Title: The Cotham Pillbox

Three of the Browns’ friends stand on top of a concrete bunker, or pillbox, on a former slag tip at Coatham Dunes. One of the men is filming with a cine camera from the bunker roof.

Title: Two Sand Jumpers

Two men perform a run up and long jump at Redcar beach.

Title: The Twins at Middleton

Two identical twins are amongst the group of the Browns’ friends enjoying a picnic beside a dry-stone wall. The shot fades. The next shot is a close-up of the twins eating sandwiches, with friends in the background. The shot fades.

Title: Professor Shampooski The Great Conjuror

Tom Brown appears in a top lit staged setting of curtain and chair and sits down. He opens a book, turns to camera, smiles and waves his finger. He flicks through the book and then pulls out his handkerchief. He covers his hand with the handkerchief, performs an abracadabra, and pulls off the handkerchief to reveal two fingers held up to camera. End of trick. He ducks down out of frame.

The film cuts to shots of a man holding a young girl on his lap. She is not happy to be filmed and looks miserable. She waves away the camera. Another shot shows her in shadow, holding an old teddy bear.

Title: Kaye and Doris

Kate Brown and her friend, Doris Wheatley, get out of a car and walk towards camera arm-in-arm.

Title: Wensleydale, Aysgarth, The Upper Falls

A man walks across a rocky ridge of the Upper Falls, Aysgarth, in the Yorkshire Dales. [Note: This is a dark shot lacking contrast.]

Title: The Juggler [animated title]

A low angled shot shows a man juggling with one hand, framed against the sky.

Title: Our Gang

Kate Brown and two male friends stand in front of a bus for Darlington and share a joke. In the background there is a sign that advertises 'Sparks Confectioners.'

Title: Aerial Photography [animated title]

Next, there are shots of a small plane taking off from an aerodrome and flying across the clouded sky from left to right, then from right to left.

Title: Sunset Over Leven

A landscape view depicts a misty sunset with silhouetted trees. Three silhouetted figures watch the sunset and a man points at the sky with his walking stick.

Title: A Tennis Group

A film portrait of a group of the Browns’ friends at the tennis courts, some in white tennis clothes. The group includes Kate Brown and the twins from previous scenes.

Title: Frank Gives A Yo-Yo Demonstration

A man demonstrates his yo-yo technique on a street with traffic and pedestrians. He wears knickerbockers and has a cigarette in his mouth.

Title: Sammy Plays Golf

A man plays pretend golf on Redcar beach.

Title: Kaye Tries To Yo-Yo

Kate Brown practices yo-yoing in strong wind on Redcar beach. Two male friends interrupt her attempt, joining hands and dancing around her.

Title: Epidemic of ‘Yodelling’

Four of the Browns’ friends stand in a line on a very windy Redcar beach and yo-yo with a variety of styles.

Title: Kaye As The Heroine’s Brother

Next, Kate acts a range of characters in a sequence of brief spoof melodramas, which sometimes read as screen tests. First, she sits in a chair at the entrance to a house. The scene then cuts to her on a different chair. She gets up and walks into a room, lit in film noir style by sunlight and shadow. She takes a gun out of a chest of drawers. The film cuts.

Title: Kaye As The Maid

Kate Brown paces up and down, frowning. She makes a decision. She walks into a darkened room, picks up a rifle and walks out of the door. Filmed through the window, she walks up and down outside with the rifle held at her shoulder like a soldier, keeping guard.

Title: Kaye As The Heroine

Kate Brown now stands at the back door to a house. Tom Brown (Senior) approaches her, talks to her, then attempts to take her hand. She pulls away, and then bursts out laughing. (A spoilt scene?)

Title: And They Lived Happily For- 6 months!

Tom and Kate Brown flirt, embrace, and kiss passionately. Both raise their back legs, mocking the gestures of old silent movie or music hall acting.

Title: Mayor’s Sunday 1932

People watch from the kerbsides as a policeman on horseback leads the annual Mayor’s Sunday parade along a Middlesbrough street. A childrens' band of drummers marches past.

Title: The Band

A uniformed band marches past, including drummers and trumpet players.

Title: The Mayor, Counc. J. Wesley Brown

The Mayor and other civic dignitaries march past in the procession.

End credit: Photography by T. H. Brown