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YFA 4920



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Made by Oulton chemist John Paul Volter, this film was taken during a Badminton Club outing to Knaresborough in July, 1950.  The film includes footage taken in and around Knaresborough as well as a cricket game played being played near Rievaulx Abbey. 

Title – Oulton Badminton Outing July 1950 This is an amateur record of a most delightful day which opened in glorious sunshine and persisted throughout the interesting journey.  We left the Midland Hotel about 9 a.m.  A quick run through leafy lanes soon brought us to that quaint old-world town of Knaresborough where we stayed for morning coffee

The film opens the Badminton Club standing in front of a tour bus.  One of the men hangs out of the bus door, and everyone poses for the camera on this bright and sunny day.  The large viaduct which passes over the river in Knaresborough can be seen as well as a view of the town from on top of the hillside.  A couple members of the group can be seen on the hillside as well.  Down below, a few pedestrians make their way through the streets of Knaresborough, and there are many long rowboats lined up on the river, along the dock.  

Title – A surprise sight of the famous WHITE HORSE of KILBURN

There is a shot of the white horse hill figure and the surrounding countryside.

Title – Helmsley Castle dates back to Norman times.  Here his Lordship surveys the visitors from the Barbican and Battlements.

A man is posed in the entrance of the castle, and in the following shot, the castle ruins can be seen. 

Title – After a journey through lovely country passing ancient Byland Abbey we arrived at Rievaulx Abbey to halt for tea and a spontaneous game of cricket.  And what a grand game too! 

Men and women from the club play a small game of cricket, and the abbey ruins can be seen close by in the background.  Other women from the group sit together on the grass, and they all smile for the camera.  The filmmaker also captures scenes of the surrounding countryside and houses nearby.  The tour bus can be seen parked on the grass just off the country lane.

Title – May we now introduce some of those who were courageous enough to face the camera

Members of the club pose individually for the camera, the women first, and then the men.  They laugh and smile, some talking to the cameraman or others out of shot.  There is a bit of footage of the rest of the club on the grass near the abbey ruins, and the film ends with one last man posing for the camera.