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YFA 1978



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This film is part of a collection from the Ward family from Malton and spans the years 1936-1942. The films illustrate many aspects of their family life and social activities as well as showing evacuated children spending time in their home in Malton. Made for Malton & District Otter Hunt, this film contains footage of some otter hunts that take place around Malton. It contains graphic images of the otters being torn to pieces by the hounds and the parts being displayed for the hunt members.

Title-Padding and wedging Waterholmes R. Rye Spring 1937.

This film opens with close-up shots of otter tracks running along a riverbank.

Title-Opening meet at Kirbymoorside R Dave.

The various members of the hunt are named.

Title-George Cousins, Whip and W.R.E.A Uthwatt Master and Huntsman.

A couple of people walk along under some trees.

Title-Dorothy, J.S. Biss, P. How at Westerdale R. Esk.

Title-More padding at Houlsike Bridge R.Esk.

The camera pans along the bank to show more otter prints on the ground.

Title-In Gilling Woods & `Music'.

The large hunting party walk along a rough path away from the camera in the direction of some woods. Then there are shots of some of the dogs, one of which is called `Music'.

Title-On R. Costa near Pickering Brick Ponds.

The dogs swim along in a small lake while others walk along the shore searching for otter trails.

Title-Mrs Uthwatt, Leslie Butcher, Mr & Mrs Biss at Everley A rms.

This is followed by shots of them outside on what looks like a farm yard. They talk to each other and smile at the camera.

Title-Brompton-Sherburn Bridge, R. Derwent.

A group of people from the hunting party wait along a bridge overlooking a river. A man wades through the river below blowing a horn and being followed by one of the dogs. The group watch his from above.

Title-Brompton Beck.

A man walks along a tree trunk in order to cross a small stream. The pack of hounds tries to cross along it too but they fall into the water.

Title-A Kill above Foul-Bridge.

A pack of dogs catch an otter and then pull it to shreds in front of the camera. In the next few shots, the hounds are loaded one by one back into a truck.

Title-At Bell Mills Driffield, Peter How with horn.

Three women and a man stand in a field leaning on sticks; they are talking and smiling at the camera.

Title-The end of the day at Bringham.

A man and woman sit on a fence beside a river; around them the pack of hounds wander around.