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YFA 1974



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This film is part of a collection from the Ward family from Malton and spans the years 1936-1942. The films illustrate many aspects of their family life and social activities as well as showing evacuated children spending time in their home in Malton.

Made for Malton & District Otter Hunt, this film contains footage of some otter hunts that take place around Malton. It contains graphic images of the otters being torn to pieces by the hounds and the parts being displayed for the hunt members.

Title-Otter Hunting

Title-Malton and Districk Otter Hunt.

Title-Visit of Bucks O.H. May and June 1937.

Title-Meet at Ruswarp R. Esk.

Title-The Master WRE A Uthwayy.

Title-SW Tidmarsh, Capt. Scott. Hopkinds, RJ Rascall.

The first few intertitles are followed by shots of the people named and shots of the people gathering with sticks and dogs to go otter hunting.

Title-Mrs Uthwatt.

She stands for the camera and holds a rabbit.

Title-Capt MH Last.

He marches across a field.

Title-Avis Raw.

Title-The master stands easy.

Title-Brock Crosses.

The previous few titles are followed by shots of the men who are out to enjoy a day of otter hunting; they smile and pose for the camera. There are lots of shots of the hounds running around.

Title-Capt Last, Leslie Butcher, Tony Raw in the rough.

The men are wandering through the long, rough grass.

Title-JS Biss & Group at Leaholm.

The party are standing in little groups in village square outside of a large building.

Title-Olga Ostergard advocating early meets.

A short masculine woman stands in the middle of a small group and talks to them.

Title-Tom Rhea and Bill Ansell

Title-The pick of the pack `music'.

A brief shot of one of the dogs.

Title-A sea fishing interlude at Filey Brigg.

Several men are fishing with rods on the Brigg and are dressed in suits with collars and ties. A fish is held up to the camera and they have a picnic while a lady washes the pots in a rock pool. Final brief shots are in a boat off Filey.

Title-What a tangle.

Two men concentrate on untangling some fishing line.

Title-Uthwatt's catch? England!

Title-A meet at Howe Bridge

There are brief shots of hunters sitting beside a car and having a break.

Title-A kill at Settington Lake.

An otter is caught and a man holds the dead otter over his head while the dogs clamour round him. It appears the otter is thrown to the dogs and then they tear it apart.

Title-A meet at Howsham.

The next gathering is at Howsham where the party are hunting with the dogs at Bulmer Beck; they cross Howsham Weir.

Title-Up Bulmer Beck.

Title-Howsham Weir, Brock Leading.

Title-An evening at the `Talbot' Malton.

The camera pans around all of the men and women who are in the pub; the intertitles name each person.

Title-Mrs Biss.

Title-Miss Mostyn.

Title-Rupert Uthwatt.

Title-Peter How.

Title-Mr De Trafford.

Title-JS Biss.

Title-Mrs How.

Title-Col. Broke Smith.

Title-Visit of Dunfrieshire O.H July 1937.

More general shots of the hunt before there are shots of an otter going to ground. Several people try to dig it out while the rest of the party jump up and down on the bank to scare it out into the open. Eventually the otter is caught by the dogs and savaged to death. A hunter holds the body up to the camera while a dog hangs on with its teeth.

Title-Bill Scott with hounds above Lealholm R. Esk.

Title-Col. Broke Smith, Capt. Williams and Mr Crampton.

More shots of these men who look at the camera.

Title-Bill Scott and Brock go to ground.

One of the men is on his knees looking into an otter pit.

Title-This bolted the otter, Hackness R. Derw.

Title- Heu Gaze

Title-The kill

Title-Visit of the northern counties O.H. September 1937.

There are close-ups of several dogs which are named. More general hunting shots.

Title-At Bossall R. Derwent.


Title-Random the diver and possibly the best ever!

Another shot of one of the hounds.


Title-Above Sleights R. Esk.

Title-The end of the day and the end of the 1937 season.

The men are all drinking glasses of beer.

Title-Good Hunting Mr Paisley.

Title-Harry Davies.

Title-M & D O H Visit of Bucks OH June 1938.

More general hunting shots.



Title-Rye House.

Title-Cherry Island

Title-A lamentable `find' on the R. Costa.

Two men hold up large animal traps. An otter is seen in the river and this is followed by shots of it being caught by the dogs and torn apart.

Title-An otter vents below Egton.

There is a shot from one side of a lake looking into the centre of it where an otter dives under the water.

Title-Swimming R. Derwent at Kirkham Abbey.

Title-M & D OH Visit of West Cumberland OH Sept 1938.

A Muscovy duck is chased by a dog.

Title-A Muscovy duck at Butterwick.



More brief shots of some of the hounds.

Title-A memorable incident at School House Hill.

There is a shot of two men in a boat crossing the river; some dogs are in the water beside them.

Title-Jim Kitchin, Huntsman below Espersykes.

Title-Supper time.

The following shot is of the dogs being fed in a long trough.

Title-Between Danby and Castleton.

Title-Stewart Tidmarsh, Tony Raw and `Hoppy' AGM of MDOH.

Title-Visit of Bucks O H 1939.

Title-After a great Whit Monday Hunt ar Lealholm May 1939.

A crowd of men gather around to watch as the otter is cut up by two of the men.

Title-Heu Gaze!, Forge Valley, R. Derwent 26 June 1939.

Title-At Cramble Beck R. Derwent June 1939.

Title-A drag above Crunkley Chyll R. ESK 1 July 1939.