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NEFA 21908



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This film by Mr L Hammell, a teacher at Norton High Street Junior School, records an outing by  the school where pupils and staff explore their locality, this time it is the magnificent area surrounding Osmotherley, in North Yorkshire.

The film opens showing a line of schoolchildren in outdoor clothes walking through a break in a stone wall, then continuing across open country.

General views show the surrounding countryside. The schoolchildren gather together as more views of the countryside follow.

Next a view of a dam or wall across a river. General views from the top of a hill show open moorland and countryside. The children sit on the grass, and more views follow of the local landscape. 

The walking group head towards the camera along a sun dappled road. The children stop and are handed an item by a teacher.

The camera pans round to show general views of a village. The children carry on their walk, going past some stone cottages. The film ends with children getting off a minibus at the roadside.