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YFA 5583



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A family spend a day at Orchard Park playground, Hull 1978.

The film opens at an outdoor play area called Orchard Park in Hull. Two children are riding on a roundabout and there is a slide and Helter-Skelter in the background.  There is a shot taken from a distance of the hill with a big slide and children in silhouette.

There is a close shot of a child holding a bear on the roundabout.  A woman in long shirt and white cardigan then picks up the child and puts her on the swing.  An older man helps the young child on the slide.  Meanwhile older boys tackle the climbing frame and rope bridge.  The woman in the white cardigan sits on the swing next to the child and swings back and forth.  Children play on a roundabout , and the older man is seen sitting on it too as it goes around.