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This sponsored film By Turners of Newcastle provides an outline of industry and infrastructure in the Northern region as the 1960s moves into the 70s. It looks at the business opportunites available to investors in the North East, including the financial incentives available to industrialists and commercial managers intending to set up in an Assisted Area.

The film opens with a general view of Heathrow airport near London. This is followed by a closer view of one of the airport's access roads busy with traffic, and the airport check-in hall.

Passengers board a plane marked on the fuselage with the words 'North East'. In their seats, they fasten safety belts. The plane takes off heading for Newcastle. An interior view of the plane includes the passenger area and the flight deck.

A company director sits near a window. In contemplative mood he sips a drink from a small glass.

The film cuts to a trackside view of a speeding express train as the commentary outlines the ease of access to the North East by air or rail. The film underlines transport access by showing a car travelling along a motorway at speed heading north.

Title: Opportunity to Grow

A stylised map outlines the main counties which make up the North East region. Another map follows on, showing key ports on the east and west coasts, along with the main roads which link the main towns and cities. The next map shows airports and rail routes and the final map in the sequence shows the North East's links with major European and Scandinavian commercial centres.

General view of the ship container facility at Teesport near Middlesbrough. A crane lifts a container from a ship. General views show a holding area for containers awaiting shipment. An overhead crane moves a container. Another container is lowered into a ship's hold.

General view of the River Tyne and the Tyne Bridge. Roll on, roll off facilties at the Port of Tyne are documented. A small tractor unit transfers containers from a ship to a large storage area. This section shows cargo from Denmark being unloaded.

Footage follows of British Rail's Freightliner service, which operates from Tyneside and Teesside. A Freightliner container is lifted from the back of lorry by a large crane.

Geberal interior view of a factory (NEI Parsons) and a large turbine assembly hall. A man is working on a large metal sump, in particular on a flange onto which pipework might be attached.

A tug boat tows a large ship up the River Wear. The ship is called 'Degedo' and is an SD14 class of cargo ship built at Austin & Pickersgill's yard in Sunderland.

General view of a petrochemical plant (ICI Wilton?). Man-made fibres are wound onto bobbins.

Next, a view of the manufacture of electronic and telecommunications equipment being manufactured. The teeth of a metal gear are cut by machine. Next a view of the teeth of a metal gear being cut by machine.

General view of an observatory in the distance at Herstmonceux Castle in Sussex which houses the Isaac Newton telescope.

In the International Research & Development Company (part of Parsons) a scientist monitors an experiment related to the development of solar cells, where a semiconductor is mounted in plastic film. The scientist inspects the film. The cells are designed for use in earth orbiting satellites. The experiments are designed to check resilience to temperature fluctuations in outer space. Two other workers work on another piece of apparatus with stainless steel tubes attached to another metal structure.

General views follow of a chemical works built on reclaimed land, new industrial buildings being built, as on- screen figures show the amount of money available in grants for building on some of the 6000 acres of reclaimed land available in the region. The message reads 'Building Cash Grant - Up To 22%'.

General views of the building of a new factory. A notice board on site reveals that the factory is being built at Washington for Philips Electrical Ltd at Washington. The factory will produce TV components.

General view of another new factory building for a company called Fasson (paper manufacturers).

Two men watch lino or floor covering coming through a rolling machine. On screen, the figures for tax allowance appear:  'Tax Allowance 100% Against Corporation Tax'.

In another factory scene skeins of red wool are pulled from storage bins then wound onto bobbins. 

Next, a machine with a type of carousel where small metal cylinders collect before being moved on to another part of the machine. A group of men look on, as a man in a white lab coat explains some aspect of the product to a group of men around him. Most of the men attending are undergoing retraining following a downturn in the 'traditional' industries of the north east, shipbuilding and mining.

Another map shows the key towns and cities which offer industrial training facilities. A tape recorder is used to give instruction to trainee lathe operators. At the South West Durham Engineering Training Centre, they use modern technology to give instruction to the operators via headphones. General views follow showing the lathe operators wearing headphones at work.

Adult trainees are being shown aspects of industrial instrument maintenance. An instructor shows some printing apparatus which is part of a larger piece of electronic equipment to a group of trainees.

The film cuts to a view of an industrial trading estate. The buildings which are available for use by new industries belong to number of different organisations, the English Industrial Estates Corporation, local authorities and those made available in the private sector. An interior view shows a large empty warehouse available for manufacturers.

A high angle view follows of a modern motorway, examples of modern homes, a modern office, that of the British Gas Engineering Research Centre at Killingworth, built by architects Ryder & Yates. Next, there are general views of Gateshead town centre's multistorey car park, a modern shopping precinct, Newcastle city centre, Newcastle airport, and other group of modern structures. The film finishes with views of the Kingsgate Bridge in Durham, designed by Ove Arup, and the Civic Centre in Newcastle.

Title: Produced for the North of England Development Council

Credit: By Turners Film Productions, Newcastle-on-Tyne, England.