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NEFA 19885



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A comedy made by the Cleveland Cine Club and filmed at the Berwick Hills Community Centre with members of the local cine and drama groups. The film follows the misadventures of a man who goes into hospital for an operation. Realising they are missing a number of instruments the hospital staff resort to bringing out a saw, hammer and hand-drill to perform the operation. In horror the patient jumps off the table and escapes.

The film opens on a sign attached to wall which reads ‘South Teesside Hospital Management Committee. General Hospital IN. Vehicular Entrance Only. The film cuts to a covered walkway between two buildings with writing over the awning that reads ‘Casualty Stretcher Cases’.

Title: The Operation

Through a set of double doors come two people wearing hospital gowns, hair nets and face masks. After a few seconds they reappear and walk back into the building in front of a wheelchair in which sits a man wearing a hospital gown. A third gowned figure is pushing the wheelchair.

Looking down on a set of toes the wheelchair is pushed through a waiting room with men sitting on both side of the room. Some look on nervously as the wheelchair passes.

Through a set of double doors the wheelchair is pushed into a large room and stops beside a covered operating table. The man in the wheelchair is helped onto the table by three nurses.

The film cuts to a gowned figure washing their hands in a sink.

Back on the operating table the man looks nervous. A masked female nurse looks down on him sympathetically.

Beside the table a nurse uncovers a tray of instruments and bowls. She begins to count the items on the tray.  She shakes her head and with the help of another nurse begins look around the room while the man looks nervously on.

The nurse picks up a telephone and speaks into the receiver. Through the swing doors comes another gowned figure carrying a second tray. He places it beside the operating table and removes the cover revealing a saw, hammer and bore drill. The man looks at the items and passes out.

The film cuts to show two nurses standing beside a set of hospital curtains. A hand appears from behind the curtain and the saw is passed from one nurse to the other and then to the hand which disappears. The patient looks on very nervously over the sound of wood being sawed. The film cuts back to the nurses beside the hospital curtains who now pass a hammer to the hands behind the curtains.

Hearing the sound of hammering the patient slips of the operating table and sneaks towards the door. As he rushes through the door he passes another shorter figure in gown and mask. A set of steps are placed on the floor beside the operating table and the shorter figure steps on. He looks up and down the now empty table.

The film cuts to show the patient coming down a set of stairs with bandages training behind. At the bottom of the stairs he hurries through a set of double doors leading outside. As the doors swing shut a notice on one of the doors reads ‘The End’.

Title: Produced at the Berwick Hill Community Centre by the Cine and Drama Groups.