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This is a film documenting the opening of St. Margaret's Hall in 1954 at the Ripon Training College for Girls.

Title - The Ninth Decade
Title - Being a record of the ceremonial opening of the new building in the 90th year of the history of Ripon Training College
Title - Produced and photographed by A.V. Oglesby

The opening titles are superimposed over an image of the entrance to the college. Students can be seen walking under the entranceway.

Next is Ripon Cathedral as seen from one of the nearby town streets.

Sign - Cathedral Church of St. Peter and St. Wilfred

Students and professors make their way inside. They are all smartly dressed, and most of the girls are wearing hats and gloves. The professors are dressed in robes, and many of them arrive in cars which pull up at the entrance of the cathedral.

There is a large procession with local dignitaries and the Ripon Hornblower ,and they all make their way into the church. There is a brief scene (images blurred) of the service inside the church, and after which, those in attendance process out.

Following is the arrival of the Minister of Education, the Rt Hon Florence Horsburgh at Ripon College Hall. There is a further procession of the students to the Hall, and all of the girls have daffodils pinned to their jackets. The students are lined up in the hall, and the ribbon-cutting ceremony is performed. The priests and the Minister of Education make their way around the grounds of the college. Speeches follow inside one of the college buildings. The priests, the Minister of Education, and other officials from the school are all seated on a stage. Audience members are seated on wooden chairs below. Finally, after the speeches, the Minister of Education poses for pictures outside.

There are exterior views of the campus including the new building St. Margaret's Hall. Some of the students can be seen sitting outside on benches and making their way to class.

In class, one of the girls plays a Waldberg piano. Two other girls stand at the side and watch. The students go on to exhibit their activities including painting, creating flower arrangements, and setting up a science experiment. Finally, the girls gather in a lounge to watch television. In one of the other common areas, girls chat and read newspapers.

Title - The End