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NEFA 13844



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An early topical newsreel of the opening of St. Aloysius Infant School in Hebburn in June 1928. The film shows a procession of marching bands, banners and children down Argyle Street, traveling from St Aloysius Church to the new infant school. Joseph Thorman, Bishop of Hexham and Newcastle, and other priests follow behind in open top horse-drawn carriages. At the church Bishop Thorman blesses the new Catholic Sunday school building and gives a speech to the crowd. The film ends with group portraits of children.

The film opens with a high angle shot of a brass band marching along Argyle Street in Hebburn watched by large crowds. Following behind, the church choir and candle bearer march in front of a banner that reads: "Pray Forgive Us". Behind the banner young boys and girls follow in groups. Some of the boys carry signs that read: ‘A Hearty Welcome Bishop’. All the girls are wearing white dresses.

As the group of boys passes one of them stops, kneels downs and begins to tie his shoe laces. A woman who accompanies the procession pulls him out of the group and stands over him as he continues to tie his laces. A member of the St John's Ambulance comes over and picks up the boy. A policeman then approaches and ties the boys laces. With the laces tied, the boy is put down and he walks off hand-in-hand with the woman following the procession. The man from the St John's Ambulance and policeman follow on behind.

A band of men playing piccolo march along Argyle St followed by a large number of men in flat caps. A second brass band in the procession is accompanied by a group of men in sashes. A large group of women carrying babies or small children follow on next.

Two open-top horse drawn carriages travel past carrying four priests in each carriage. A third carriage passes containing three priests and Joseph Thorman, Bishop of Hexham and Newcastle. A large crowd follows on behind.

Next, Bishop Thorman walks past a wooden platform surrounded by a large crowd.

General views of Bishop Thorman surrounded by a large crowd blessing the new Sunday school building. He opens the doors and goes inside followed by the other priests and two candle bearers.

A large crowd surrounds the platform on which a large table and chairs have been laid out. Bishop Thorman is seated in one of the chairs beside a number of priests.

One of the priests makes a speech to the crowd. As Bishop Thorman get up from his chair a number of men in the crowd wave their flat caps in the air. 

Portrait shot of Bishop Thorman as he speaks to the crowd.

Group portraits of children follow. Many are wearing bandanas around their foreheads.

Portrait shot of young boys, some wearing white ribbons in their breast pockets.