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YFA 3139



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Made by members of the Halifax Cine Club, this film documents the opening of the Serbian Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity in 1954.  It includes footage of King Peter II of Yugoslavia as well as both interior and exterior footage of the church.   

Title - Sept 26th Opening of Serbian Orthodox Church Boothtown 

A very large crowd is gathered outside the church to celebrate the opening of the church.  Two cameramen from the Halifax Cine Club have climbed up on top of the church roof in order to get a better view and set themselves up for filming.  A head priest, in ceremonial dress, enters the church.  Other civil and clerical dignitaries arrive shortly after, quickly entering the church.  In the entrance way, there are a few girls in traditional costume to greet those who arrive for the ceremony.  His Majesty, King Peter II of Yugoslavia is also in attendance and can be seen walking down the street surrounded with security, the crowd cheering for him on either side.

The final scenes of the film, in colour, capture the ornate decorations in the new church including many pieces of religious artwork as well as an altar which is revealed from behind a curtain.   

Additional Information:  In 1953 members of the Serbian community acquired Mount Carmel Methodist Chapel in Halifax.  The building was bought in a dilapidated state and underwent extensive repair work and renovations before being consecrated as a Christian Orthodox church in 1954.