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NEFA 17539



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An amateur film of the official opening of Ralph Gardner High School, North Shields by J W Forsyth (Chairman of Tynemouth Education Committee), 5 June 1935; showing the staff of the boys' and girls' schools with head teachers Duncan Snowdon and Florence Bell, the arrival of the guests, the unfurling of the flag and the opening speeches. Footage also includes a prize giving ceremony.

A bowler-hatted gent walks up the path to the Ralph Gardner School, followed by various guests, many wearing best clothes, some fur-trimmed coats.

A speech is given at the opening.

All the guests and speakers then leave the school, slowly walking past camera.

A ceremony takes place outside in the grounds. The official opening party includes head teachers Duncan Snowdon and Florence Bell, and guests including a vicar, the mayor and J W Forsyth (Chairman of Tynemouth Education Committee). The Union Jack flag is raised. The party slowly walk back to the school after the flag raising. There are various shots of the guests walking in the school grounds. The headmaster shakes hands with another man, possibly J W Forsyth.

Next, the school teachers exit the school in pairs, the women teachers first, The last man has a disability and limps.

Group portrait of the teachers posed at the entrance to the school.

Inside a hall at the school, formal speeches are given, the headmaster and headmistress of the two segregated senior schools along with other distinguished guests seated next to the speech giver (audience not seen). A boy, Willam Ellison Longstaff, comes onto the stage and is presented with his Haswell medal. Prizewinners from the girls school then receive prizes in a ceremony. All the girls wear school tunic dresses, and curtsey when they receive their prizes.

More speeches are given.

The women and men at the event leave the school, many of the women wearing hats. They pose for a group portrait.

Outside in the quadrangle, the girl students perform folk dances for guests.

A portrait shot follows of young girl students standing in a row, many smiling.