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YFA 3751



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Part of the Wainwright Collection, this film documents the opening of the Playfield, at Thorp Arch. It includes hospitalised children and scenes of the coast.

A large crowd of people are standing in a park where there are seats and swings. There are hospital beds on wheels, with nurses and a couple of marquees. Additionally, there is a long, many seated, rocking horse. Two girls play on the swings, and other children are riding on another long, many seated, swing. Nurses chat with other people gathered, and there is a see-saw. Children are propped up in the hospital beds holding balloons. One child makes her way across on crutches. Other children sit on blankets on the grass. A small girl is in a pram with her teddy bear. A nurse pushes a bed whilst pulling a pram behind her. The other hospital beds are then wheeled away, whilst a brass band play on a raised wooden platform.

The film then switches to show a stretch of water through a tree lined path, with flags and a lighthouse. After a brief look at a village the film ends.