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Amateur film footage by Monty Rosen and Jack Messing, that records the dedication and official opening of the new Maccabi House sports and social club at Windsor Crescent by Lord Nathan, and some of the traditional and general cultural activities taking place, including table tennis, football match and dancing. This film is one in a collection of films recording life in the Jewish community of Newcastle, made by five independent film-makers between 1937 and 1962.

The opening scene features young and older men in blazers (some with an Israel Star of David badge) jostling to get into shot for a group portrait. Both women and men are gathered together at the new Maccabi club in Windsor Crescent, some smoking or drinking. Various shots of the group follow, with portrait shots of individual men who perform, dance and lead the group in a rousing sing-song.

A large group of men and women dance an energetic Horah together in circles.

Credit: Monty Rosen and Jack Messing

Title: Opening Maccabi House in No. 9 Windsor Crescent, Newcastle upon Tyne 2, by the Rt Hon. Lord Nathan of Churt PC TD DL on

Title: (animated) Sunday December 9th 1951

Exterior shot of Maccabi House in Windsor Crescent, Jesmond.

Young cadets in uniform are inspected by Baron Nathan of Churt(?)and the Mayor of Newcastle upon Tyne. The opening ceremony takes place on the doorstep with speeches by Lord Nathan and rabbis. [some footage underexposed]

A young woman displays the new key to Maccabi House in its presentation box.

A rabbi gives a speech. The dedication ceremony is performed by the Rev. E. Drukker, B.A. of Newcastle and the Rev. S. P. Toperoff, of Sunderland.

Various shots follow of the crowd assembled for the official opening.

Distinguished guests pose for a group portrait, including A. Nusenbaum (Trustee), Reverend and Mrs Toperoff, Maurice Gatoff (Architect), David Bloom (Trustee), Lord Nathan of Churt, and J.J. Rossman, the Maccabi President.

A plaque features the names of the president and committee members. The Trustees listed are A. Barnett, D. Bloom, A. Nusenbaum and S. Tavroges.

Various interior shots depict the hallway, people drinking tea and smoking cigarettes in the café, young women reading magazines in the lounge area, everyone relaxing on lounge chairs in the room.

The following footage was filmed in 1957.

Title: (animated) Table Tennis

A sequence of shots depict a game in progress between two men watched by a group of young people, the stairs and stained glass window of the new maccabi, the empty music or dance room. The sequence shows off the facilities and architectural conversion.

Next, a dance in is in progress in a room at the youth centre.

A committe meeting is in progress, one man in a comedy blonde wig. There are shots of the audience and speakers.

Next, the camera pans around faces in a crowd of 9 to 15 year olds, all swaying together, during a concert.

Children and teenagers are doing the Jive and the Twist dances at the "Blue and White Children's Ball."

A committe meeting is in progress. Various shots of the audience and speakers follow. Some people are smoking.

Shot of a framed photograph on a wall, perhaps of the Chairman of the Jewish Association.

There is a group portrait of a football team of early teenagers, and another of a younger team, followed by Maccabi football league match action on the pitch in Barrack Road. Includes the coin toss and various close-ups of the footballers during play.