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YFA 1904



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This film most probably includes the opening day of the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway on 29 June, 1968, as well as other preserved steam locomotives running special trains in Yorkshire. This occurs just before some are scrapped and the ban on steam locomotives on British Rail lines.

The film begins with a passenger train standing at the platform of Forster Square Station, Bradford. The red carriages are being washed. Behind it there is a grass bank and houses. Steam loco (45593) uncouples and runs round. The passengers are shown walking along the platform at Skipton station. The same loco propels a train down a platform.

Then loco 75042 is pulling a train of empty coal wagons, followed by loco 92093 being refilled with water, with 75042 behind it. Another loco, 70012, gets turned on a turntable, with many railway enthusiasts taking photos. Loco 92093 also gets turned. There are several steam locomotives stowed at a medium sized marshalling yard. Next loco 45593 is turned. The film shows a railway station and then a castle looking building with visitors sat outside on benches. A line of black cars pass by in front. On the other side of the road is the Red Lion Hotel, with a green shelter in the middle of the road. The film shows the back of the marshalling yard and engine sheds. Loco 45593 comes out, followed by 45217 attached to 73144, with lots of railway enthusiasts walking around the yard. 70014 comes out of the engine shed followed by 70054. Next loco 45282 comes past. A diesel locomotive (D215) gets turned.

The film moves to show a sign for 'Leeds City' station, where 'The Great Marquess' (3442), pulling a passenger train, stops. Some young trainspotters have a look at the engine. The journey of the train is filmed from one of the carriages. Next, 'The Flying Scotsman' is stood in a station, showing the nameplate and build plate: LNER No. 1564, Doncaster 1923. It pulls out watched by a crowd at Harrogate Station. Railway enthusiasts line the track and take pictures as it leaves. It continues its journey and arrives at Darlington Station, with cooling towers in the background, and locos 3442 and 4472 pass through. Again, there are lots of railway enthusiasts. 'The Great Marquess' is shown close up. It pulls out, followed by K1 loco 62041.

Then loco 90386 is seen at an engine shed. 'The Great Marquess' arrives at York, where the engine runs around (changes end), watched by a crowd. Another loco has written on the front 'Ian Allan Rail Tour'.

Then at Shipley, there is a train carrying rail track passes (loco 44257?). In the background there is a gas storage tank and a tall chimney with 'Tanks' written on it. Then at Keighley Station, with 'The Great Marquess' passing through. At the front of the loco there is a name plate stating, 'The Mercian' '1X75'. The train backs out of the station. Then at Haworth Station, which has been adorned with bunting, where there are some old Pullman carriages. Also there is LNER 4744 and loco 41241 propelling a coach of passengers out of the station. Other locos there are 46115, GNR 1247 and 41241 is seen again on its return. On the side of loco 957 there is a sign stating that it is a Class J52 built in 1897. Outside there is a Wurlitzer and a miniature railway ride. Loco 41241 passes propelling a coach.

A train (loco 4472) stops at a small country station with crowds gathering around to look and take pictures as it leaves. Loco 60895 backs into sidings, followed by a diesel pulled passenger train and a steam passenger train passing at York. Loco 61472 stops for water before leaving. Diesel D9014 goes through the station pulling a passenger train. Also stood there is loco 60121 and loco 60036. 61472 leaves York travelling light.

Next the film switches to Colwyn Bay station, where loco 7313 passes through, as do other trains, including loco 46148, 'The Manchester Regiment'. The 'Lord Rowallan' (70045) pulls out of Blaenau Ffestiniog Station. The on to Tan-Y-Bwlch. A locomotive named 'Linda' passes by pulling a passenger train. A woman stands on the footplate smiling for the camera. The journey is filmed from the train. There is another old small loco, 'Merodbin Emrys'. At Portmadoc Station the engine runs around the train, with the woman on board. She then sits down near the sea with the train moving off in the distance. There is some film of the town before loco 82020 waits ready for departure, and a level crossing is opened for a train to pass. They leave the station of Criccieth and on to Afon Wen, where there are several steam locos marshalled. A boy in a red top and plimsolls leans against a wall. Engine drivers make their way to the locos stood in the sidings carrying their tea urns. Some children go on a miniature railway, pulled by loco 61671. The journey on the miniature railway is filmed from the train. Nearby is a small boating pool, and the film comes to an end.