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Made by CHAS. R.H. Pickard & Son of Leeds, this film documents the royal visit and opening of the Civic Hall by King George V on 23rd August, 1933.

Title - The visit to Leeds of the King and Queen for the opening of the Civic Hall, on Wednesday, August 23rd, 1933. Immense crowds gather early in the gaily decorated streets, in Briggate -

Massive crowds have turned out for the day's event and are gathered in the streets near Briggate. The town is decorated, and there are policemen out to help direct the crowds.

Title - -in the Headrow-
Title - -Victoria Square-
Title - and round about the Civic Hall

The titles are intercut with footage of each of the places named in which huge crowds have gathered to catch a glimpse of the King and Queen during their visit to Leeds. Specifically, in Victoria Square, stands have been set up for the crowed to watch the ceremony. Camera crews can be seen set up in front of the Civic Hall.

Title - After greeting Their Majesties at Oakwood, the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress return quickly to the Town Hall ready to offer a further welcome.

The Royal car arrives at the Town Hall, and the crowd cheers at their arrival.

Title - At 11-45 the Royal Procession passes down Briggate and along Boar Lane-

Troops on horseback escort the Royal Carriage. The King and Queen wave to the crowds from the carriage.

Title - -thence to the waiting thousands in Victoria Square where the King inspects the Guard of Honour

The Royal Carriage, escorted by troops on horseback, pulls into Victoria Square. Here, the troops are already lined up for inspection.

Title - Meanwhile, Birggate becomes a seething sea of humanity as the crowds move to new positions in the Headrow.

There are scenes of the crowd gathered here. The footage is taken from an elevation position as well as from street level. Both Burton's and Lewis's stores can be seen.

Title - The dense throng round the Civic Hall is waiting patiently.

Crowd shot.

Title - The Infirmary forms a splendid "Grand Stand".

Nurses have gathered on the top of a building in order to watch the day's events. There are huge crowds of people who fill the temporary stands as well as that wait on foot.

Title - Interest and relief are afforded by the arrival of the purple robed City Councillors.

The Councillors arrive and process through Victoria Square to the steps of the Civic Hall where they gather and await the arrival of the King and Queen.

Title - Scorning transport, the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress walk from the Town Hall to the Civic Hall

Brief shot of the Lord Mayor, Albert E. Wilkinson, and the Lady Mayoress.

Title - A party of visiting Municipal Chiefs follow, and all is ready for the King's coming.

More footage of the civic procession.

Title - Promptly at 1 o'clock the Royal Carriage proceeds to the new building which the King officially opens with a golden key.

The Royal Carriage arrives, and the crowds cheer for their arrival. King George then walks up the steps of the Civic Hall to the door where he officially opens the building.

Title - According to custom, when the King enters the building, the Royal Standard is raised.

A flag is raised on a flagpole situated above the entrance of the Hall.

Title - There is a long wait before Their Majesties depart, and crowds scamper to new points of vantage to see their going.

Crowds rush to the top of Victoria Square just outside the front of the Hall.

Title - There is little more to interest in Victoria Square once the pageantry there is brought to a close as the Guard of Honour march away.

Led by a marching band, the Guard of Honour marches away from the Square.

Title - At 3 o'clock the King and Queen enter their car and drive away, followed to the City boundary by the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress

The King George and Queen Mary make their way down the steps of the Civic Hall and into their car. Crowds are still cheering.

Title - Members of the City Council and others form one last procession.

Local dignitaries who had been gathered on the steps of the Civic Hall process through Victoria Square and away from the Hall.

Title - The Policemen's job is done.

The Police Band is followed by other members of the police force as they process away from the festivities.

Title - It remains only for the countless thousands of people to swarm together, mingle for a while, and then disperse, and the Royal Visit becomes a memory.

The streets of Leeds city centre are flooded with people who make their way home after this grand event.

Title - CHAS. R.H. Pickard & Son 16mm Films Leeds