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YFA 3506



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This film documents the opening of Buhrer Brick Kiln by Mr. A.E. Wilkinson, Lord Mayor of Leeds, at the Bramley Brick Works of Jabez Woolley Ltd on August 14th, 1934.

The film opens with the following title cards:
The opening of a new Buhrer Brick Kiln by the Lord Mayor of Leeds (Mr. A.E. Wilkinson) at the Bramley Brick Works of Jabez Woolley LTD., August 14th, 1934
The Output of the New Kiln will be 150,000 bricks a week.

The Lord Mayor arrives at the brickworks where he meets the management of the establishment. The Lord Mayor makes his way around the grounds and has an overall tour of the works. He unveils a plaque commemorating the visit and opening posing for photographs in front of the works as well.

Workers can be seen around the premises. They load finished bricks from the kiln onto wheelbarrows. The bricks are then loaded in the back of a truck, owned by J. Newsome Walker, Joiners and Builders of Horsforth, to be taken away from the brickworks. There is also an incline rail system set up on a series of chains and pulleys. This is used to bring the clay up from the bottom of the hill in small narrow guage wagons fastened to a continuous chain, in order to make bricks. Workers can be seen at both the bottom of the hill, loading the wagons with clay and then hooking them onto the chain, near the kiln during this process.
The film closes with a shot of the plaque earlier unveiled by the Lord Mayor and commemorating this opening day.