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This is a BBC film presented by James Moran, a semi-skilled Engineer employed by the International Harvester Company in Bradford. The film tells the story of a tribunal which began in January 1974 in response to the enforcement of a three day working week for employees at the International Harvester Company. Unable to claim Unemployment Benefits for the remaining two days a week, some employees challenged the system and brought their case in front of a local tribunal. James Moran narrates the story, and the cast is made up of his colleagues at the company.
Original broadcast date 6/12/75.

Title - By James Moran.

Taking part in "Tribunal" were: Alan Bagshaw, Lawrie Clements, Eric Dean, Dorothy Dwyer, John Escoe, Patrick Gildea, Peter Hannon. Ted Jakiel, Jaqueline McGill, Herbert Shooter, Chris Thompson, Cecil Tikadar.

The cast would like to thanks: International Harvester Co, of Great Britain, Ltd.
Bradford Metropolitan Council

Families and friends whose contributions behind the scenes helped to this programme possible.

Camera: Colin Deeham

Sound: Ian Sansam

Film editor: Richard Trevor.

And from 'Open door' whose skill, patience and understanding made these words and pictures something more than just another televisions programme: Jane Disbrey, Mike Fentiman and Brian Skilton.

'Open door' programmes are produced by the public. Production advice and support provided by 'Community programme unit'.