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YFA 1530



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Made by members of the Leeds Movie Makers, this is a fictional film about a young man on probation.

Title: 'Leeds Movie Makers Present One for the Pot'

The opening shows pictures of three people along with their names: C Armitage, J Goodwin and J Wilson'. The next sequence of the opening has a silhouette of a man holding up scissors and film and the title: Film Unit, N Goodwin, C Payne, C Wilson. '

The film opens with a view of Bradford Courts, and a woman judge is reads out a sentence. Outside the court, a probation officer tells a young man to keep out of trouble and lends him some money for his bus fare. The probation officer then phones a woman to arrange sending the young man around to her house to do the garden. On the mantelpiece of the woman's house are cards for her 84th birthday. The woman picks up an old photo of herself and her husband, and she goes to the window where she shoos away dogs from the garden before switching on the radio and making a pot of tea.

Meanwhile the young man in his digs gets out of his makeshift bed and washes himself. The woman makes a slice of toast, and the young man finds a note claiming unpaid rent at his door. The woman washes up, and the young man checks how much change he has before going out to be picked up by his probation officer. They arrive at the woman's house, and the probation officer introduces her to the young man, Brian. As the woman hoovers up indoors, Brian digs the garden. Getting bored, Brian lies down on the grass and the woman calls out to him for a cup of tea. As Brian sits outside with his tea, the woman comes outside to explain the need for him to avoid damaging the flowerpots with her favourite geraniums. She then goes out, leaving the door unlocked for Brian.

The woman returns only to find Brian gone and her flowerpots broken. She phones to inform the probation officer, and as she is clearing up the mess Brian appears holding a new geranium plant, and, apologising, explains that a dog had done it. As he leaves, she thanks him and tells him to come again. On his way down the road, he glances at a neighbouring garden where a plant has been taken from its pot.

The End