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YFA 4922



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Made by York-based filmmaker Paul Richardson, this film is a series of rushes which were used for a promo for One & Other TV.  The film captures glimpses of York in autumn and winter, 2011 including footage of York Market, Stonegate decorated for Christmas, the riverbanks of the Ouse, and York Minster.  Most of the film is shot in the low autumn sunlight with a few scenes shot at night. 

The film is made up of the following short scenes:
A man is holding a camera.
The filmmaker can be seen with a large monitor in the background.
There is footage taken from Fossgate, looking down Walmgate towards The Tea Shop.  There is a bicycle parked on the street. 
An exterior of a building near the Coppergate Shopping Centre on the River Foss.
The sunlight streams through the trees on the riverside.
Shots of the riverside between Skeldergate and Millenium Bridge where a man is fishing in the River Ouse. 
Autumn leaves cover the ground.  The sun shines through the trees and sparkles on the water.
There is a shot down the river path which is full of pedestrians and cyclists.
A shot from Ouse bridge looking towards the Magistrates building.  Pedestrians and cars pass by.
Footage of the east side of the river including exterior shots of the buildings between Ouse and Lendal Bridge. 
Market stalls are lit up, and there is footage of a confectionary stall selling Turkish Delight among other treats.  Other food stalls can be seen, most likely part of the Christmas Market.  Tents have been set up along Parliament Street.
A cup of coffee and a piece of cake are on a table.
Sign – Café Concerto.  People are seen through the window, inside the café.  There is then footage inside, the filmmaker drinking a cup of coffee.
Shot of the Devil statue on Stonegate.
Footage of York Market stalls.
Shots of the city centre at night including Saint Sampson’s Square trees decorated with blue lights and a burger/kebab van.
Exterior shots of The Bonding Warehouse.  A girl with a bicycle stands near one of the entrances to the building.  The door is covered in graffiti.  She checks her phone.  Skeldergate Bridge can be seen in the background.
The girl pours coffee at an outside table.
There is more footage of the burger van and the city centre at night decorated with Christmas lights.  Exterior night shots of buildings near 1331 and The Evil Eye.
The filmmaker walks down Stonegate, looking up with the camera at the Christmas lights which hang from one side of the street to another.  A sign for The Terrier pub can be seen.
In daylight, there are exterior shots of The Blue Bell and Purple Haze Vintage shop.  Pedestrians walk along the pavement. 
There is exterior footage of The Merchants Hall and The Hairy Fig, again pedestrians walk along the pavement. 
Shots have been taken along Fossgate featuring The Tea Shop and Loche Fyne Seafood.  People make their way along the street.
There is a brief shot of a bike rack followed by an exterior shot of Meltons Too.
People sit at tables at an outside café near St. William’s College.
York Minster is the next feature including exterior shots of the Rose Window. 
The city centre can be seen through the tress.  The footage has been taken from the city walls along Lord Mayor’s Walk.  Tourists make their way along the city walls, and there is footage of the city skyline. 
The reel closes with shots of the Bile Beans sign from the city walls along Lord Mayor’s Walk.